Do Video Games Prepare Kids for the Apocalypse?

Got to love the Onion, and their hilarious take on the ridiculous media taglines that seem to go along with video game coverage these days. In this skit, they ask the question if video games adequately prepare kids for the apocalypse, which as we all know is inevitable. Whether it’s zombies, radiation, or a combination of that and much more gruesome things, we do know that it is speeding towards us. Right? Anyways, watch the video so you can laugh and ignore the impending doom.

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7 thoughts on “Do Video Games Prepare Kids for the Apocalypse?”

  1. Haha, that was good.
    Well, you know. I always think to prepare a crow bar when natural disasters strike. But, lol.

    “The game Fallout 3 has taught my son Charlie that is easy to kill cyborgs with a grenade than a machine gun!”

    That one knock me out of the chair.

  2. lol!

    Sitting down in your basement playing video games, friendless and by yourself is the best way to prepare for the apocalypse.

  3. Epic win!
    But honestly, Fallout 3 is a very realistic vision of a post-nuclear war America. Well, maybe minus the Super Mewties, but definitely Ghoulies. Plus, we need to create large Vaults in preparation for a threat, whether nukes, biohazard, or zombies – it’s a chance humanity cannot afford to take.

    Well I’m taking this too seriously, the video is hilurious!

  4. Now all we need is Fox News and CNN to wake up and realise that with the apocalypse looming upon us, that we, the very lonely gamers, are the only hope for mankind. We alone will know what to do, and how to fix the mess. I personally found that Resident Evil has helped me out the most, with the whole standing around, aiming, waiting for the zombies to come close to eat my brains, as opposed to running and straifing.

  5. it’s pretty obvious that its better to kill a cyborg with a grenade rather than a machine gun, everyone knows that. seeing as i play the most video games in my family i have the best chance of surviving the zombie uprising.

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