Today’s WTF: Man Takes Hostage With Sega Light Gun

segalightgunAh, the Sega light gun. What great games we might have played with you along the years for the Master system and beyond. We could play old school games like Gangster Town, Operation Wolf and even Rambo III. Apparently, we can also fool Brazilian police and take a hostage. Who knew?!

A few days ago, a Brazilian man took a 60 year old woman hostage a Sega light gun, trying to collect money back from a debt that was owed him. First he broke into her house, and then entered into a 10 hour standoff with police, before finally letting her go unharmed. I mean, really, the only damage he could have done to her would have been with the cord, I guess.

My question for this man is “seriously”? What did he even think was going to happen? This is truly WTF worthy, and I deem it so.

Source- Kotaku

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6 thoughts on “Today’s WTF: Man Takes Hostage With Sega Light Gun”

  1. I personaly would have gone with the NES light gun. Ahhh, many fond memories of Duck Hunt, with that fucking dog laughing at me, mocking me…

  2. The perp was probably FPS Doug.

    See, if people knew more about firearms, as well as played more games, crimes like these would not happen. Well, maybe they would, but then the victim would have whipped out a Super Scope. Bicth!

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