Gaming’s Sweetest Records

lanEvery hobby has some kind of weird record associated with it. Or at least, that’s what I like to tell myself. Whenever I go on a particularly epic gaming binge, I like to think that surely, someone, somewhere, has committed far more heinous deeds than I. This is how I go to sleep every night. Plus, I snore.

Anyway, I came across a list over at CVG of what appears to be a list of 30 gaming world records. Some of them are bizarre, and some of them are cool, but most of all, I find them terribly interesting. Did you know that the largest mass-participation LAN party was 203 people for 36 hours straight? That actually seems small to me. Or perhaps you knew that the greatest gaming setup is a dude that owns his own motion picture screen with theater sound? Or that GTA IV had a voice cast of almost 900 actors? Well now you do.

If you’re interested in those tidbits and more, be sure to check out the list. Kind of awesome. By the way, I think GamerSushi could totally beat that whimpy 203 person LAN party. So what was the most epic one you ever participated in?

Source- CVG

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4 thoughts on “Gaming’s Sweetest Records”

  1. I’m going to Campzone this year. 11 days of LAN, with 1750 people. 11 days non stop is going to kill me, but with enough red-bull, I’ll manage.
    Also, nice list. Some stuff is pretty interesting.

  2. I dont get the one about Portal. It mentions a demo….what? I thought they meant the whole game. I guess Im reading it wrong.

    What ever happened to that Steel Battalion game?

  3. I’m tellin’ ya, video games are going to become as mainstream as the letter ‘e’ one of these days.

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