GamerSushi Asks: What Would it Take?

gamersushiasks2In every area of our lives, we’ve got limits and boundaries. Places we’ve decided for some reason or another we will never go. This turns out to be true even in the realms of video games. We tend to separate out between things we like and don’t like, things we are willing to try, and things we would never touch with a ten foot pole.

In “What Would it Take”, we ask you questions about your predispositions towards video games, and what it would take to get you to broaden your horizons, or move to a new realm that you’re not currently familiar with. Feel free to give as much or as little response as you want, we’re definitely interested in hearing why you game the way you do, and what’s keeping you from crossing these lines.

What Would it Take?

1. To make you play an MMO? If you already play one, what would it take to make you switch to a new one?

2. To make you invest in a new console?

3. For you to play and enjoy a game from a genre that you generally dislike?

4. To get you to invest regular money in DLC?

5. In order to change your mind on the PC versus consoles debate?

6. To improve your current most-played game?

Answer away!

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18 thoughts on “GamerSushi Asks: What Would it Take?”

  1. I’ll answer my own questions to get the ball rolling here…

    1. I think to play an MMO, I’d have to be really invested in the story, and also know that I didn’t have to grind in order to get to the real meat of the game. I just don’t have time to devote to an MMO the way some people do, so I would need to be able to play and enjoy it without much of that time investment. I’m hoping that the new KOTOR MMO fits both of these bills…

    2. Typically, for a new console, it’s got to have that one game I want to play right NOW. While it would be smarter to be sure that it’s got some good games coming out for it in the near future, more often than not, I’m buying consoles when I absolutely have to have something that I can play the moment I buy it.

    3.I think for me, story or online is what really makes a game worth playing. So if there’s something in a story that I can connect with, I’m mostly willing to give anything a try. Unless it’s just stupid fun like the 30 second RPG.

    4. Once again, story trumps all. While new maps and things like that are nice, I can’t wait to see a company that actually can develop worthwhile DLC that bridges the gap between two games. How cool would it be to play something that happened after one game, knowing that it was leading into something for a sequel?

    5. Right now, I’m kind of in the middle of this debate, so this questions doesn’t totally apply to me. I think I’m tending to swing towards consoles these days, but I can never leave PC gaming behind, fully. I think when Diablo III comes out, you’ll see me spring the money to upgrade my system once again.

    6. Right now, I’m playing Civilization Revolution and Left 4 Dead the most, but mostly Civ Rev. I think the thing it needs to really shine is an online multiplayer component that works a little better. It’s so hard to find a game, even if you’ve got friends, and even then, the connections don’t always last for the full 2 hours the game takes to finish. I can has patch?

  2. 1. … they would have to pay the monthly fee for me I would hate to pay for a game every month.

    2. My favorite series (MGS, Halo, Final Fantasy GTA etc) being exclusive on the new console.

    3. It would have to blend genres. For example I HATE racing games but if you include combat as in the twisted medal series I will enjoy it.

    4. Well The Lost and the Damned it a great example of the best DLC out there IMO. It adds almost everything to the game new music, new commercials, new tv shows, new motorcycles, new characters, new story, new races, new side missions, new achievements etc.

    5. The consoles would have to have the ability to create and play mods which sounds impossible to me at this point. community content can add huge amounts of fun to the game.

    6. The game I am playing most now is Left 4 Dead. It could make closet camping less effective and add new guns or zombie types. Also I think it would be interesting if you could play as a normal infected after you die in versus mode just to pass the time.

  3. 1. MMOs require time, and lots of it, and that’s something that I just don’t have. Still, a great developer and a good license could get me interested…(TOR)

    2. A laundry list of about a half-dozen games that I really would like to play. Maybe closer to a dozen for the PS3 (price).

    3. Good gameplay. I don’t really like horror games, but some I have really enjoyed. FEAR had great gunplay, and an engaging story to boot, and L4D was co-op bliss, so I still found them interesting.

    4. If by ‘regular’ you mean paying for patches, the end of the world as we know it. But if a game I really enjoyed constantly came out with good quality updates that add something to the game (more than just new weapons & areas) then I wouldn’t mind paying for it. Heck, almost every one of TF2’s major updates would have been worth paying for.

    5. A console that I can tweak, upgrade, and do more than game on.
    … so a PC that hooks up to a TV, I guess.

    6. My current most played game is (still) Morrowind, and a remake of it a la BM:S would be amazing. Here’s hoping TESV will be as engaging as III was.

  4. 1. I’ve played WoW for along time, but the grinding got to me, and I have no interest in raiding. I’d switch to the Old Republic if I can play something other than a Force-user. (Actually I would anyways. A good Star Wars MMO would get me to switch. I know what a bad one is like, I played Galaxies.)

    2. More people I know playing the other console. Maybe a different controller to. The PS controller is a little to oddly shaped for my giant meat hooks.

    3. I play pretty much every genre, so I can’t really give an in-depth answer. If pressed, I’d say accessibility, and a good story.

    4. High-priced armor for my mode of transport. Nah, I don’t know. I don’t want to copy what Eddy said, lest I get accused of being a sheep again, but expansions to the story line are the best. New maps and weapons are nice for multiplayer, but some games could use fleshing out. (the one caveat would be when the DLC is something cut from the actual game to get a few more bucks out of it. Up yours, Prince of Persia!)

    5. I play both equally, but again, if pressed, I’d say either trash Windows Live or fix it. My entire way through Dawn of War II and Fallout 3, it felt like I was fighting the interface.

    6. My current most played game is Fallout 3, followed closely by Dawn of War II and Age of Empires II. I’d make the shooting mechanics in F3 a little tighter, and release the Pitt DLC right now!

  5. 1.) It would have to be an MMO without the rank-and-file of leveling, where you could do anything in any order. It would also have to not cost a lotta money. Which is why I play EVE Online… During the Summers.

    2.) The console would have to have an array of successful titles and it can’t be a bank breaker like some consoles.

    3.) Well, I am not a huge fan of RPGs so a RPG game I would play would have to be a groundbreaking, new concept (Slaying the Evil Orcs of Evil-Land just gets boring after awhile.) It would also have to not be focused so much on stats and the like but more on tactics and the usage of your grey matter. A thinking RPG would be great. Leveling is overrated and I am honestly sick of it.

    4.) It would have to have to be basically like a whole new game, only the gameplay would have to be at least half of the game it’s released for. Whatever happened to days of gameplay anyone?

    5.) Consoles would have to be able to surf the internet with ease, have large storage capacities, and be usable with a keyboard… Heck, I suppose that means nothing will change my opinion eh?

    6.) Well, I usually jump between several games on my 360 and am a huge simulation game fan on my PC so… Since 360 is where I spend most of my time I would just want my games (I can’t really choose a single one) to have at minimum 4 additional hours of gameplay. I really hate beating agame in a day, even two. I want to work and work and work to beat it. It feels so much more rewarding.

  6. 1.fallout 3 sequal

    2.make it easy to use, plenty of great games, good online play, easy to access.

    3.RPG’s, add a bit of a first person shooter aspect.

    4.make it cheaper if you pay monthley payments dlc should be strongly discounted.

    5.make computers much cheaper to upgrade ormake it so that it doesnt have to happen so frequently.

    6.fix some of the fallout 3 glitchis.

  7. 1. For one to come out on the consoles. I would at least try it.

    2. Cheap! And good games.

    3. Something that makes it different. I hated all the Resident Evils until the 4th one. It was awesome.

    4. I already do. I get every LittleBigPlanet costume and level pack they release.

    5. Easier to use and cheaper PC hardware.

    6. Bring back the ROLE playing in Final Fantasy and lose the guys who look like girls and the crazy costumes with the zippers and buckles.

  8. 1. Something a little more adult than say WoW and without the monthly subscribtion fee

    2. Updated technology, good games but most importantlly all friends switch too so we cans till play online

    3. a nice combo of RTS with FPS thrown in

    4. I do. If i love the game like GTA ill buy the DLC. it has to be maps or a career expansion though. i wont buy new skins or anything

    5. Much cheaper PC hardware and i actually develop skill with the mouse 😛

    6. COD 5 mostly atm allthough i have cut down significantly on gaming since school started but being better equipped to fight tanks and spotting bettys easier

  9. 1. I havent ever played one, mostly because I’m not interested in paying monthly for good ones, and I dont generally like RPG’s or the other genre’s that MMO’s are usualy played in.

    2. To get a new console It would have to be one that all my friends would agree on, and feature games such as L4D which are ONLY worth playing with friends and not alone.

    3. A good story could sway me to play any game. Still cant imagine playing an RTS though…

    4. The DLC would have to be fantastic; it would need to feel like a new game or change/develop the story. EP 1 and EP2 of Half-Life 2 is sorta DLC (since I buy them from Steam, lol)

    5. Same answer as #2. My PC is a lot more powerful than any consoles, and the price to acheive that was not ridiculous (stop buying at BestBuy, duh!). I really cant see myself leaving PC for console; Developers would have to STOP making games for PC essentialy.

    6. Well my most played game would probably still be CS. To improve it? hmm, its been patched and fixed and altered so many times over the last 10 years its hard to say what else to really change.
    It would be nice to see more servers playing with the Real, originaly, rules and config. Almost every server has some shitty War3 mod, or you always have $16 k. It just not the same…

  10. 1. No subscriptions and the interest of my friends rather than some randomers who I’ll never meet or care for (like a fair few on my PSN friends list!)
    2. Well, that means a 360 so, again, no subscription fees and more than three games I’m interested in (Gears 1 and 2 and Halo. Fin.)
    3. Racing – Burnout Paradise is what needs to be done!
    4. A credit card (I’m only 16)
    5. Friends who have a PC that is powerful enough to run games by Valve (the only things I see that PC has over my PS3).
    6. COD4 – REMOVE MARTYDOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. I love these questionaires, you guys! Keep ’em coming!

    1. If I had a steady flow of cash and the people in my life could endure my hermit-like lifestyle, yeah, I’d play MMO’s.

    2. Powerful processors and such are nice, but what I want is a large library of great games.

    3. Either blend the genre with a genre I like, or find another way to help me ease into that new genre. Or both.

    4. I take a lot of time to research exactly what I’m buying, whether it’s DLC or a full-fledged game. If I judge that the DLC is worth $10 for the download, I’ll get it. Usually, DLC is worth $10 if it gets me to go back to the game and play it at least for a few more weeks or months.

    5. I already KNOW that the PC is superior to consoles, it’s just that I’m too…ahem…frugal to spend money on keeping my PC up-to-awesome.

    6. OMG CALL OF DUTY MODERN WARFARE 2!!! If you haven’t heard, there’s a kind of suggestion box dealio on Twitter that Infinity Ward set up where it’s taking any ideas and requests from the fans that might just be implemented into CoD:MW2. As I took a skim through the posts, I saw that people wanted Juggy and Last Stand / Second Chance out, as well as spending a lot of time ironing out glitches and whatever other exploits ruined CoD:WaW for me. Anyway, I suggested adding weapons including the MP7A1, L85A2, etc., new perks like Toss Back from WaW and totally new ones, and have larger maps, and some night maps. Yeah.
    For Fallout 3, I’d like to see a huge addition to the world. Not just one city, but a whole new section of map. That would re-hook me.

  12. Ok well i guess ill answer these questions

    1. IDK, maybe if i had some more money I would play them.

    2. Well I base my choice of console on what games are exclusive to that one that I like, well not that alone but thats the biggest one, and I would get a PS3, but since the price drop they cut to many feautres they orgionally had.

    3. This ones tough. I dont dislike genres, just games… but I guess that the games just have to have the “fun factor”, yes i mean it has to be enjoyable.

    4. lol, I always buy DLC for game I like!

    5. Well Im for the console, I read one person debate about this, calling the PC the “Rose with a thousand thorn” which rings true for me. PC games are great, just can never now if the game is going to work. I guess to change my mind would be for someone to build affordable gaming computers, because now I dont think there is such thing.

    6. COD WaW is one game I LOVE!! The only complaint about the actually game is the respawning system, i’ve been spawned killed 10 times in a row before, spawn on my own grenade, in the middle of my own artillery, and been spawned into a knife, which was the worst, because as soon as I spawned I died, just spawn and see the kill cam, no lie.
    I also LOVE LFD, and so far its perfect, just need to get some more maps, Mercy Hospital never gets stale, but the other map does.

  13. 1. If a lot of my friends played WoW.

    2. The next Xbox.

    3. Easy controls and a user friendly interface. Also, no “assumed knowledge” in the game.

    4. Just release it for a game I like.

    5. Give me a crazy expensive PC rig that can run today’s games, then we’ll talk.

    6. Gears 2: Better ranking system (Which is coming, thank god.)

  14. I’m just going to answer the first one.
    A billion dollars, or if God came down from heaven to tell me to do so.
    Please tell me one good thing about MMOs please. And no, clicking stuff and watching it attack is not fun.

  15. [quote comment=”4911″]I’m just going to answer the first one.
    A billion dollars, or if God came down from heaven to tell me to do so.
    Please tell me one good thing about MMOs please. And no, clicking stuff and watching it attack is not fun.[/quote]

    All mmo’s aren’t click & watch stuff attack. CS anyone? Is technically an MMOFPS And besides, whats the difference between clicking,and pressing buttons/rotating a stick? You’re not really doing the actions either way.

    1. Already play MMO’s. Trying to get away from them actually, lol. They’re fun but I like real life way better & 40-50 hour RPG’s at the most thx. Switching between MMO’s is hard, simply because leveling up takes so long that you feel like you have to spend that all your gaming time on the game to get anywhere. I probably wouldn’t switch much from my current MMO cycles (2).

    2. Uh, a job, for one. I just don’t have the money to spend to play all the games I’d like to, seeing as my gaming pallet is pretty varied.

    3. It has to be a great/exceptional game. Baten Kaitos. Card system. Everyone knows Card Games fail. & a card game RPG? That had a hard as heck card system to use? No way. But the RPG story was actually pretty awesome, and the fact that they worked so hard on the game/vocals/etc. was pretty awesome too. It had an attention to detail most modern day RPG’s are lacking, & that’s why I swallowed the annoying card system down & played it through. Great game, actually. Next to Tales of Symphonia, SoTC, and BioShock, my recent favorites.

    4. It should either be an actual expansion to the game that’s not just upgrades/more content. Like an addition to the story/ mini-sequel before the real sequel. Content should always be free, since it adds to the gaming. DLC’s should be extra things that you don’t really need.

    5. I am a firm believer that PC>Console in all ways and that Console = mini/specially formatted PC in ways anyway so it doesn’t really matter. If someone really tried, and if PC’s cost less, I bet someone could just find some way to mod games to be played in the PC emulator style PROPERLY, and just develop a specific controller resembling console controllers/button schemes & play their games on the computer. Consoles in my perfect world would mean “portable gaming devices” only, and even then, we have laptops.

    6. Nothing. I leave my games to the devs and their imaginations until I start making my own games =).

  16. 1. Meh, not much. In fact I was going to play this other free mmo a couple months back… Well that was before I realised I only had 3 gigs of space on my hd 🙁

    2. A new game that tickles my slightly hypocritical fanboy senses.

    3. I play halo…I think that’s enough.

    4. A job.

    5. A console that is in fact a pc. Wait a sec…

    6. You can only do so much on runescape with java coding 🙂

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