Yuusha 30: The 30 Second RPG

The design philosophy behind the Halo series is “30 seconds of fun” on an endless loop. Yuusha 30 for the PSP is a game that takes this idea almost entirely literally. I heard about this over at BloodworthGT’s GameTrailers page today, and I find it to be incredibly fascinating, from a game design standpoint.

In Yuusha 30, the main premise of the game is that it is an RPG that is only 30 seconds long. You see, an evil wizard is casting some badass spell that is going to wipe out the entire world. As the hero, you have only that amount of time to level up and become strong enough to beat him, before it all comes crashing down. The result is total madness. Observe the first level:

If you thought that was nuts, it actually gets even more insane with each additional stage.

The second level adds all kinds of new challenges, but retains the 30 second time limit as well. Each level after that continues to pile on the obstructions in your path, however, you gain the ability at towns to reset the 30 second timer with special statues, thus lengthening out the spell of impending doom. However, you’ve only got 30 seconds to get to a new town- only, it gets more expensive with each reset.

I think this may be one of the cooler game ideas I’ve heard, and it seems perfectly fitted for a handheld system. Hopefully there’s a way to get our hands on this in America. Who else thinks this is awesome?

Source- BloodworthGT’s GamePad

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10 thoughts on “Yuusha 30: The 30 Second RPG”

  1. seems like it would get boring fast and have no replay value. To me, I like RPG’s because of their depth with side quests, item creation, grinding,and just making ur party badass in general. Doesn’t seem like this will have this

  2. thats pretty cool, but I can also see it not having much replay value… I wish RPGs had fast battles and leveling like that too though… training gets so old and boring and always makes me go back to cheats just to pass the game (Final Fantasy).

  3. I don’t know…that game seems like it would give me a headache and stress me out. I never could stand timers on games. Frustrates me to no end.

  4. I have heard about this. As the game goes on, you switch to different characters, like a princess or a wizard.

    It’s WarioWare RPG and its perfect for those rides on the Tokyo subway…don’t know if it would work as well here, but would love to see it.

  5. Time limits and RPGs don’t agree with me I always get mad at the game if I can’t do things in my own time in the way I want. Still that looks like a cool game.

  6. Man. Normaly I haaaate pure RPG games, but this type of tense time-based game looks pretty entertaining. Its more of a puzzle to me than just “upgrading skillzzz”.

    The miliseconds make it so much more intense than if it was just seconds bobbing to the 1-second beat. Seems like this is better suited as a Flash based Time Killer as opposed to a $20 hand-held game.

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