Lost Planet 2 Announcement Trailer

Hot on the heels of Resident Evil 5, it looks like Capcom has another big release in store sometime in the near future- Lost Planet 2. While I didn’t get to play much of the first one, it definitely had some promise for a new franchise, and the graphics were pretty incredible to boot. It looks like the environments are going to be different, the visuals are updated, and there even seems to be co-op gameplay. Check out the new trailer for lots of cool footage. Who played the first one? How was it?

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One thought on “Lost Planet 2 Announcement Trailer”

  1. I loved Lost Planet because the gameplay was great. The controls worked well, the combat was fun, and the weapons were either dependable or badass. Plus, the V Suits were fun to pilot and pimp out. I can’t wait for LP2, which trades the cold barren tundra for…something more lively. Very cool, LP2 looks interesting!

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