GTA IV DLC Goes Full Frontal?

gta4dlcSo, it’s a day of opinions from you guys. In case you weren’t aware, the new GTA IV DLC pack, “The Lost and Damned” has male full frontal nudity in it. Yes, you read that correctly. An old man dong, to be more specific.

While the mainstream media hasn’t yet seemed to have found the dong in question, Common Sense Media, a website for parental advice when it comes to things like games and movies, has. And you know what? They still liked the game, giving it 4 out of 5 stars. However, they did caution parents to keep it away from their children, which is the correct thing to do, seeing as how the game is rated M.

However, gaming sites have already jumped down their throats for this, much to my disappointment. Here you have a site giving a responsible review of this game, and we’re still crucifying them, just because they rightly say that young children shouldn’t be playing a game with full frontal nudity?

What do you guys think about this issue? Is nudity out of place in video games? Personally, while I’m not offended if I see some pixel knockers or whatever, as we approach the uncanny valley, I get a little weirded out by sexual anatomy of almost any kind in video games. This goes for animated features as well. Tell us your thoughts!

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18 thoughts on “GTA IV DLC Goes Full Frontal?”

  1. This shouldn’t be such an issue. Yes, it’s inappropriate for children, but that’s why the game is rated M – 17+. Best case scenario, this makes parents re-assess their attitude towards the ESRB and make steps to keep these games out of the hands of kids who can’t handle them.
    …worst case, it sparks a major suit and we stop seeing games that push boundaries for a few years.

  2. I don’t mind seeing anything like that, but I don’t feel it was really needed. I would have to play the game to know the context,but I did see the scene on and it was unneccessary.

    Rockstr did this for shock value and attention and if they catch the same crap that they did for Hot Coffee, well…this time they will deserve it.

  3. At least they’re being sensible about it and just advise the parents to keep it away from young’uns. Still, doesn’t really make me jealous that 360 got this as an exclusive 🙂

  4. Old man phallus… *vomits*

    The site did the right thing, nice review and sound warnings. Hey! This relates to those whiny little bitches you wrote the blog about a few days ago. Perfect example, and timing ^_^

  5. I laughed so hard during that. For most the scene it seemed like they were inly going to show the top then at the very end he turns around and t here it is. I wasn’t offended or disgusted or anything I just thought it was funny

  6. I think it’s good that Rockstar pushes the boundaries of gaming, it’s time some big company did. If movies can do it, why shouldn’t video games be able to?
    Sure, you can call it immature, but it’s changing the way people look at games, and that’s pretty important.

  7. I can understand full frontal with women, but an OLD MAN?! Come, GTA, stop making yourself the Jack Thompson’s punching bag!
    Anyway, nudity is something I’d rather not have in a video game considering my mom might walk in. Of course, I suppose M games with nudity is inevitable, so in that respect I don’t mind it. Plus it’s never going to be porn-grade, so it’s nothing too horrible.

  8. srry for double post but what is with that review at the bottom it says reading required: light. How is that important? Does anyone not buy a game because there is reading required. wtf

  9. I was surprised to see that, but it didn’t really freak me out or turn me off of the game. I was like garrow, I thought it was funny. I guess the site did it’s job, but parents should be smart enough to read the box and see that it’s an M rated game. My only question is, when do we get to see a girl full nude Rockstar??? Lol

  10. The games already rated M why not push the limits… GTA always has a comedic touch to its cutscenes and I think the reason for the junk was the shock value. I wasnt aware about it until I saw the cutscene, he first popped up and I thought oh they wont show it and they didnt… last second,”Oh Johnny!” Bam… I skipped it so fast but still the WTF factor made me laugh.

  11. [quote comment=”4786″]srry for double post but what is with that review at the bottom it says reading required: light. How is that important? Does anyone not buy a game because there is reading required. wtf[/quote]

    Yes. Many people have said that returned Final Fantasy VII because they did not know they would have to read so much.

  12. We all agree: the Rating is intended for Adults. There is already “sex” in the car, or with the girlfriends, where we KNOW what is going on, even if we dont see it. So whats the difference if we Know what is there anyways.

    I think the limits are being pushed too hard in games like Indigo Prophecy. The game has a really unique mechanic of a Simon-Says sort of gameplay to move along a controlled-cut-scene. There was a scene that you manipulated while Sleeping with your girlfriend; you dont see anything, but you’re CONTROLLING him doing her, and if you dont do the buttons right you “fail”…

    Thats a lot worse than a cutscene of an old mans weiner, i’d say.

  13. [quote comment=”4795″] There is already “sex” in the car, or with the girlfriends[/quote]

    What???? I thought Niko was just having an argument with a cave man that’s grunting while him and his girlfriend had some hot coffee.

    As for the full frontal, I WISH I got to see that cutscene when I was 10 because it prepares you for the inevidable day when you walk in on grandpa in the shower.

  14. WOW old man weiner? I thought it was going to be a women, but guess not. I applaud Rockstar though, its time a big company pushed the limits of video games. Though, i would prefer a women!
    What I dont understand is why people go crazy over this kind of stuff, theres nudity in movies, and all they do is bump up the rating to R. And video games have this to, its called Rated M for MATURE, theres a reason for the little letter age ratings on the box after all!

  15. Ratings are for a reason. They have the right to do it. Its a little iffy in games I think only because of the quirkiness of a 3D nude person. But if movies, which try and tell a story, include nudity for a reason then why shouldnt games be able to, if it fits.

    Look, we bitch so much about this stuff. Guess what. What to buy a M game at gamestop you have to be 17 or older right? They still do that? Well the ratings are there for a reason and if people ignore them, its their fault.

    If little bubie wants his video game and you are willing to buy it for him, you are responsible for what he sees. You got it for him, you acknowledged what that game entails. If you didnt, its your fault, take the game away, and STFU you didnt do your research.

    Nudity in games. If it fits, let it happen I suppose. Just expect a lot responses, its risky.

  16. i saw that scene on saturday. my reaction when playing was “wtf….just wtf”. my brother walked in the room literally as he turns and just started laughing, it was so ridiculous. It was funny and think rockstar achieved what they were trying to achieve, which was shock laugh.

    oh J.Freeman he wasnt overly hung but my god did he have a forrest and a half

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