Microsoft Wants to Buy Motion Control Company?

microsoftWith Nintendo currently dominating the console (and video game) market as a whole, it becomes no surprise that others, namely Microsoft and Sony, would want to follow suit. I mean, who’s not interested in making money hand over fist the way Nintendo is?

Apparently, Microsoft is interested in buying an Israeli VR firm 3DV. The technology specifically has to do with using your hands in front of a camera to manipulate objects in 3D space. So yes, it’s a form of motion control, and Microsoft has got their “do want” hats on as the two companies are now in talks.

So does this confirm it? Will the other consoles be moving towards motion controls? Is this a good thing or bad? Go!

Source- CNET

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9 thoughts on “Microsoft Wants to Buy Motion Control Company?”

  1. Looks like the next gen is guaranteed to be motion-control gimmicks.
    Anyway, this idea isn’t so bad, but it’s really just the EyeToy.

  2. Could do some good things. I dunno though. Could just be failure. PS2 had something like that. It sucked if I remember correctly

  3. Bah. Motion controls can be good, but the Wii went in the wrong direction. I don’t mind sixaxis, but I can do without an Xmote.

  4. Bad. Look at all of Nintendo’s short list of games that have done well. Every single one of them barely utilize the motion control.

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