Dead Space Extraction Equals Rail Shooter

At least, if the new trailer can be believed, that’s how this game looks. I guess Nintendo Wii owners aren’t going to get a proper port of Dead Space after all. The new game is titled Dead Space Extraction, and while there is a mix of both cut scenes and what looks to be proper gameplay at the end, one thing seems to stand out- it looks more like House of the Dead in space rather than the game we all know and love.

Does anyone else find that disappointing?

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6 thoughts on “Dead Space Extraction Equals Rail Shooter”

  1. I suppose not (EA back to their old tricks) but, hey, Eddy didn’t sound very happy. Apparently it’s coming along okay though so it may not be a complete failure.

  2. Personally, I’m excited enough for more Dead Space that I’m not too worried by the format. Maybe not quite as excited as I would have been if this was a full-on sequel/prequel in the same style, but it looks good enough so far.

  3. [quote comment=”4680″]Usually the “on rails” levels of games are the most annoying.

    A whole game of it? No thanks, I’ll pass.[/quote]

    On rails was so fun when I was a kid…but so was watching wrestling.

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