Today’s Totally Awesome: Video Game Wallpapers

megaman1I’m a big fan of video game wallpapers. Really, I am. You should see the folder I’ve got, mostly full of some sweet MGS, Zelda, Halo, CSS and Mario backgrounds that I’ve got on my desktop. I rotate through these pretty regularly, and there’s nothing like painting your PC wallpaper with nostalgia-inducing pictures.

That’s why I was happy to see this awesome video game wallpapers gallery by DeviantArt user Otorio. They are superbly well done, and re-imagine some of our favorite retro games in new ways.

Particularly fascinating to me is the Braid-esque Super Mario shot, as well as the cyberpunk Mega Man depiction. Definitely worth checking out. Which one do you like most? And do you have a favorite video game wallpaper?

Source- Orioto’s Video Game Remakes

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5 thoughts on “Today’s Totally Awesome: Video Game Wallpapers”

  1. This reminds me that i have like a billion posters of Mario and Halo and other but mostly Mario and Halo. I like that their are still some ppl who are obsseded with posters (in a good way xD)

    And Thanks for bringing this up Eddie 😉

  2. That is awesome!
    But I prefer my Rise Against wallpaper.

    (In other news, THE SCOUT UPDATE IS COMING NEXT WEEK!!! Who do I have to bonk to have some coverage for this awesome update?? Eddie, do me a favor and make a post about it! For me, for you, for every TF2 fan! Please!!)

    But, anyway, that dude has talent… He’ll grow up to be someone in life, unlike myself 🙁

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