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civrevI know we’ve had a feature on this before, but yesterday I went on a wild video game binge. I pretty much spent the whole day playing either Call of Duty: World at War or Civilization Revolution. It’s been some time since I’ve done this, and man, is it ever relaxing.

Basically, I spent almost a total of 10 hours rotating between solo and multiplayer on CoD, and playing a single player game of Civilization Revolution. Like I said, I don’t get to do that kind of thing anymore, so it really brought back some awesome memories. Some people don’t get that playing video games is a way that I majorly unwind when stressed, so the occasional binge is really just like therapy.

So, what was your last video game binge and what did it consist of? Go!

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12 thoughts on “GamerSushi Asks: Video Game Binges”

  1. Man, I had an absolutely substantial binge of FEAR 2 yesterday. Fantastic game. Played for most of the day.

  2. Prolly my biggest was the ‘COD4 Christmas’ as I’ve dubbed it. 10 hours almost straight (food, Rachet and Clank and testing out acouple of other gifts were the only thing to get in its way). I got up off the chair too quickly and nearly fainted. Another was a week after the most recent Christmas. COD:WAW again. Heart of the Reich. Veteran. Started at 11pm. Finished at 4.00am. Fucking brutal.

  3. I mostly binge on CS late at night since I have such a screwed up sleep schedual. I guess other than that was finishing Mirror’s Edge a few weeks ago in two sittings.

  4. Yes! I was waiting for this post again!

    I felt like a real nerd when me and my friends set up a game day.
    we had a 4 hour LAN battle of CS
    Then we had 4 360’s set up with GTA 4, Halo 3, CoD4, and Rock band which we played for like 3 hours.

    Then a lot of people left, but we had a gmod session with the remaining people for a little. Then I left and played Fallout3 for 3 more hours, totaling in 12 hours.

    My eyes hurt a lot.

  5. I never really like to go on full binges, but I will sit down, and get so engrossed in a game, that I forget the time for like, 5 hours. Happens every now and then, completely at random.

  6. I binged L4D with my friends for about four days after it came out. It got to the point where other people were categorized as a hunter, boomer, witch, etc. before we actually thought about them as other people.

  7. Halo party. My whole church got together, well mainly the youth group, and played Halo 3 for 12 hours straight. good times.

  8. Fallout 3. Last one I spent massive hours playing. I play W@W as my Multiplayer Game now ont he 360, sadly Im playing CSS again XD

    But last big time one was Fallout 3.

  9. Oh man. EVERY Saturday is a binge for me. I mean, last week was Fable II, weekend before that was GOW II, and I think the weekend before that was Left 4 Dead. It is the best thing ever. Once I did a two week stint of Oblivion.

  10. I got sick a few days ago, and I’m still sort of sick, so I spent a good 16 hours playing Gears 2 Horde, Halo 3 custom games, and CoD4 straight up. Good. Times.

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