Today’s Foot-In-Mouth: Sorry, Treyarch

wawYes. I’m going on the record. I’m apologizing to Treyarch. You see for the last year or so I’ve been on the bandwagon that Call of Duty: World at War wasn’t going to be very good, because it was made by Treyarch, and it was going to be set in World War II. I loved Call of Duty 4, so any departure from that game seemed to me to be a bad idea.

Well, I was wrong. I just had two epic 3 hour gaming sessions last night and this morning, and beat World at War. I have to say, that I was thoroughly impressed, and agree with almost all of Sean’s review of the game. I’d easily give the game, based on the campaign, a B or B+, even. It was great, and in particular the Russian/German levels were a joy to play, if a tad difficult towards the end.

So, does anyone else want to join me in apologizing to Treyarch?

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9 thoughts on “Today’s Foot-In-Mouth: Sorry, Treyarch”

  1. I refuse. I knew it would fall short of COD4, but to fall THAT short? That said I still have it for Nazi Zombies and the music in the ‘Blackcats’ mission.

  2. I never really got into the pre-hype of codwaw so I basically went in just thinking “I have never liked any ww2 game before this so I doubt I will like it” I tried it and I liked it very much, beat it in about 3 days which by my “I beat the games I like faster” theory is good.

  3. No. They did no innovating. I like this metaphor: It’s as if Infinity Ward gave them a color by number and said “Please, don’t screw up this time”. Even the HUD is the exact same! Almost no new perks, no better graphics, one or two new modes. It’s COD4 with WWII environments and guns. I see it as an expansion more than a new game.

  4. Not innovating doesn’t mean that immediately makes a bad game.

    I’m glad at least SOME of you righted your wrongs of writing Treyarch off before playing.

  5. Meh, I just hate the constant grenades appearing at your feet in Campaign, and the Rifle Nades, PPSh-41’s, Second Chance, and several outrageously horrible maps in WaW.

  6. Honestly its just like COD4, but oh well, at least the game is good. Alot more balanced in multilayer if you ask me. The only complaint I still have is respawning, I mean come on, spawn me ON MY OWN GRENADE? I dont think creating a good spawn system could be that hard.

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