Today’s Holy Crap: Escape from City 17

Dang. It’s amazing what you can do with some nice equipment and only $500 dollars on the Internet these days. These guys have put together a live action Half-Life 2 short film, Escape from City 17, that could easily be on TV. Some really great work here, I’m impressed.


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10 thoughts on “Today’s Holy Crap: Escape from City 17”

  1. Ya dude, this isn’t just a holy crap…this is a holy crap and a half. Frickin epic. I always wished they would make a hollywood half-life but you know what? They’d probably screw it up…so these guys look to be doing a good job, can’t wait to see the continuation.

  2. I really have nothing to add that hasn’t been said, this is amazing and it his rightly already earned the top rated worldwide all time video on youtube.

    I know…it’s scary. They had $500 across 2 parts so $250 for each 5 minutes of the movie would be $4,500 for a 90 minute movie. Times that by 1,000 for a low budget $4,500,000 movie then you have this…BUT ONE THOUSAND TIMES MORE AWESOME!

    (It’s 2am so my math may be off)

  3. Already? Wow. That’s ludicrous. I mean, it’s good and all… but people don’t seem to realize that the connection they feel with it is more based on how brilliant Half Life is than how well the movie is made. Although it is probably the most incredible fan made work of all time. Congrats to those guys, for realz.

  4. [quote comment=”4564″]A based on how brilliant Half Life is than how well the movie is made. [/quote]

    It`s vice-versa, sometimes well made movies make half-life brilliant, like seen from a person that dosen`t know or heard about Half life before.
    I really like to see the next ep, and see if they do that well of a work every time

  5. The asian guy is badass he trades his gun for a crowbar

    I really like when he wrestles with the metro cop that was badass

    I cant wait for the next installment and i hope it will have more fighting and/or explosions

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