January Sales Figures Show Nintendo’s Pwnage

nintendoReally, Nintendo? I’m starting to get suspicious. Either you’re lacing your consoles with crack, or it’s full of hidden money, or maybe the Wii really is more than a fad. Whatever the case, the Big N is still smoking the competition month after month, and at this point it’s just getting shameful.

So how did Nintendo do in January? Well, here’s the list:

* Wii – 679,200
* Nintendo DS – 510,800
* Xbox 360 – 309,000
* PlayStation 3 – 203,200
* PSP – 172,300
* PlayStation 2 – 101,200

Nintendo needs to tell me the secrets of how to take millions of dollars from people. I need that info.

Source- Kotaku

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One thought on “January Sales Figures Show Nintendo’s Pwnage”

  1. Playstation 2 sold 101,200 THIS January? WOW.. If thats the case (since I dont see Gamecube on there) Maybe PS3 will surpass Nintendo over time…like a sneaky ninja; maybe thats the secret to Sony really being the best afterall… (eh, im a PC kid, thats not a fanboy statement!!)

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