Is it Me, Or Does Flower Look Fun?

Flower is a PSN game that puts you in control of flower petals that float across colorful landscapes, all done via the PS3’s motion controls. While the concept is mega artsy fartsy, and the developers talk about it as such, it still looks like a damn innovative game, and we don’t get enough of those these days. It’s actually getting good reviews, too. I think this is a game that you can easily get for your significant other.

Pretentious mumbo jumbo aside, aren’t the visuals pretty great? It actually looks kind of fun to play, too.

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7 thoughts on “Is it Me, Or Does Flower Look Fun?”

  1. This does indeed look like a fun…program. I can’t in good conscience call it a game, but it still looks like a blast to play, especially when you only have a few minutes. Also, it’s controlled almost entirely by sixaxis. If that works out, it’d be great.

  2. Yeah, that’s a good point. I think I would hesitate to call it a game as well, given that there are no scores and no real objectives to speak of. But even still, it looks fun to mess around in.

  3. Actually, it is a game, there are trophies and different levels to play. Each level does have a different objective, likely involving the number of petals you collect.

    In fact, here is a quote from ign’s review:

    “Levels aren’t open-ended ruminations where the player is encouraged to roam at their own pace and create their own experience. They are linear trawls with clearly delineated objectives. You must fly through a certain number of one flower type to activate the sprouting of a new flower type. Once you fly through enough of the new flower types, you reactivate the whole area with color and move on to the next area. “

  4. Yeah; kinda like saying “GTA isnt a game, its a life-simulator PLUS!”..

    A video game is something you physically control via a monitor (screen) which depicts something outside of our reality, requiring hand-eye co-ordination and timing and/or precision; the end result of which does not produce any tangible gain, aside from professional play (see CPL).

    Yes, pacman was once l33t sh*t. What seperates a game about floating around?

    A great indie game called CLOUD is a good example that floating around without obstacles can be fun! ( especially if the music is neat )

  5. I keep really wanting a PS3 but I just cant drop $400 🙁

    This really looks neat. Right now Im stuck looking for the next thing that will ‘wow’ me. Im waiting for some squeals but Im missing certain games and game elements that keep me hooked to a game. I would be completely up for trying this

  6. It seems like a game I would probably enjoy alone and then hide from friends when they came over because the game is named Flower…

  7. Look really fun to play. And the graphics / environments are beautiful.
    But since this video made my brain go ‘queer’, I’m now going to play some Postal 2.

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