Dead Rising 2 Confirmed!

dr2It seems that the mysterious viral Dead Rising 2 trailer from the other day was actually the real deal. As of yesterday, Capcom officially unleashed the news that the sequel to the popular zombie brawler will be dropping for the PC, PS3 and XBox 360.

The second game takes place in Fortune City, a spoof of modern day Las Vegas, and from some of the ludicrously gorgeous screenshots, it looks like you will take to killing zombies in all kinds of crazy ways, including roulette tables, slot machines, and whatever else the new protagonist can get his hands on. Apparently, it’s set around 7 years after the first game, and the zombie outbreak has recurred in several cities beyond the humble town of Willamette.

Personally, I can’t wait to get my hands on this game. I think if they fix some of the save/replay options (the first game only allowed one save file and skipped the story if you were late), then itll be a surefire winner.

Who’s excited about this? Did anyone play the first game?

Source- Kotaku

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9 thoughts on “Dead Rising 2 Confirmed!”

  1. I never played the first one as my cousins never bought it for their 360 (cowards) so I’m looking forward to this immensely. Also that 1 save thing? WTF?

  2. Sweet! Dead Rising is still, to this day, one of my favorite 360 titles, and I can’t wait to slaughter some more zombie wasp things.

    I actually liked the save system, for what it was. They were basically trying to make it feel as if your were under a lot of pressure, racing against the clock. Sure, a lot of people felt that it was pretty goofy, but it didn’t hamper my enjoyment at all.

    There had better be corny Vegas-themed achievements!

    Something like:

    The House Always Wins: Kill 100 Zombies with a Black Jack table.

  3. Oh my god I’m so looking forward to this. Dead Rising was by far my favorite zombie game (until Left 4 Dead came out).
    Dead Rising 2 is going to be so FKN’ amazing.
    And it looks absolutely beautiful.

  4. I played the first one and loved it I can’t wait for the second one. It is truly a unique game I can not think of one similar game but I could be wrong

  5. Never picked up the original, but from all the raving I’ve heard of late, I’m definitely getting the urge to check it out. The sequel is certainly looking pretty awesome so far.

  6. Rainbow Six: Vegas 3 WITH ZOMBIE MODE!!!


    I never got a chance to play Dead Rising, but my friends said it was good, unclean, zombie-massacring fun. With DR2 on the horizon, I might just look into it more. Who knows, it might tear me away from Fallout 3!

    Okay, that’s a joke. Nothing could ever tear me away from FO3. Especially not once Bethesda raises the level cap to 30. Yeah, bye-bye social life.

  7. i hope frank west makes a apperance in this one like a survivor or a zombie or ave a special mode called unleash hell where u play as frank west just got out of willimate and turned into a zombie a couple of days later and u ave to start the infection by chasing down people and eating there brains

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