Rumor: Dead Rising 2 Viral Video

So a viral video popped up on the glorious ‘tubes today, purporting to be a trailer for Dead Rising 2. While we can’t be sure, as this trailer is filmed via cam off a TV screen, it does offer some interesting teases. Say, zombies in Las Vegas? If this is actually true, then I am all over this game.

Also, rolling over zombies in a hamster ball would totally rule.


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5 thoughts on “Rumor: Dead Rising 2 Viral Video”

  1. It almost looks like this is how the trailer is supposed to be (talking about the handicam). Gives it that ‘Cloverfield’ look, dontcha think?

  2. Las Vegas sounds like a perfect place for dead rising 2. I can imagine throwing cards at zombies and hitting them with slot machine levers. Also, I think it would be interesting if there was online co-op even if they don’t pull it into the story and there just has 2 be 2 frank wests it would still be fun

  3. Zeus’ Beard! I loved the first Dead Rising to death (errr…), and it’s still one of my favorite games for the X Box. I’ll get that 7 day survivor achievement sometime!

    I’m really excited at the prospect of Dead Rising 2: Armadeaddon.* Vegas makes everything better. Well, except for a certain Resident Evil movie.

    *not the real title, but it would be sweet.

  4. Wow i thought they make a sequel but i thought it would have been in a rural countryside or somthin like shaun of the dead but never vegas.The possibilities for vegas would be endless…pimped out cars prostitute zombies mabye zombie elvis siberian tigers large flat topped builings to push zombies off mabye even an incredibly large open desert plain with mass hords of wandering brain salads to kill.cant wait.Dead Rising is still great…

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