Check Out The Top 10 Graphics Cards

gfxcardI know that there are quite a few of you PC-obsessed gamers out there, so this one’s for all of you.

I haven’t updated my graphics cards in a while (still sporting a Radeon X1600), but for those of you who are on the market for an upgrade, TechRadar UK released a list of what they deem to be the 10 best graphics cards for your buck.

Definitely a handy list. Makes me wish I had the money to build a new PC again. Ah, the memories. So do any of you already own any of these? What kind of graphics cards are you dudes sporting?

Source- TechRadar

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10 thoughts on “Check Out The Top 10 Graphics Cards”

  1. I just built my PC last thanksgiving and got a GTX 260 for $230 on new egg. I’m in love with it 🙂

  2. I own a 9800GTX

    I want the 295 buuuut I cant afford that junk. Seriously I need a new case before anything.

    and this card alone runs most things on super sexy

  3. I actually got a 9800, but it didn’t perform as well as my 8800GTS did, so I’m sticking with my current one ’till I can get a 200 series.

  4. Dang Ridickulous… that’s… ridiculous.

    Sorry, had to do it.

    Pretty cool to hear what you guys have going in your PC’s. I really need to upgrade.

  5. [quote comment=”4411″]I really need to upgrade.[/quote]

    Id wait. USB 3 is supposed to hit late 09ish. It should change a lot I think. I want to wait. Its supposed to be super fast

  6. LOL, I have a 7300GT. It’s good enough for my CS 1.6 on linux, and since I have got the ps3, I won’t be looking for a new video card any time soon. And even if I had to, I would have to set up a new rig.

    But I am better off waiting for ddr3/xdr, bd-rom’s, ssd’s, i7/the new phenoms etc. There is so much in development at the moment….

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