Battlefield 1943 Has Fewer Classes But Comes Cheap

bf1943Some more details are dropping from the New York Comic-Con today concerning Battlefield 1943: Pacific, which comes out this summer from EA. I’m terribly excited about this, as the original game was one of my favorite PC shooters ever, and had some truly epic and memorable battles. Here are some of the new bits of info released for the game today…

Apparently, the game is going to be a $15 to $20 purchase, and will only be about a 350 MB download. In addition, the game will feature fewer classes than the original Battlefield titles, having removed medics and heavy weapons soldiers. To make up for this, all classes will be better suited to deal with tanks and vehicles, and will have regenerating health and unlimited ammo. Also, environments are destructible, which rules.

Personally, while I don’t like having fewer classes or unlimited ammo, I’m curious how the experiment works out in terms of having a smaller, cheaper game that releases paid DLC in small bits. To me, this could be better than dropping $60 bucks on a game that you dont utilize all of the features for. Should be interesting to see how this turns out.

I know that there already people disappointed about this (looking at you, Mitch). So what do you guys think?

Source- Kotaku (thanks to Mitch for pointing this article out to us)

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9 thoughts on “Battlefield 1943 Has Fewer Classes But Comes Cheap”

  1. Now, Brand new classes revealed! Old favourites like ‘MAN WITH GUN’, ‘MAN WITH SNIPER RIFLE’ and ‘MAN WITH LITTLE BLOWTORCH-TYPE OBJECT’, as well as some new faces, such as ‘MAN WITH SEVERAL SMALLER GUNS’ and ‘SPY FROM TF2′.
    You guys think it’ll be out on Steam? EA has a deal thing with ’em now, so…

  2. I don’t know whether I should take a bow or feel ashamed, lol.

    Yeah, I’m disappointed, but I’m a stodgy old-school Battlefield fan. I’m just happy that this is running on the Frostbite engine, which I really liked.

    I can’t really argue with the price point either. Being a misanthrope, I reserve the right to grumble about the reduced classes and no medics, though.

  3. Well, I like battlefield … and I like frostbite … and I like a $20 price tag … I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt.

  4. Medic was my class of choice in BF1942. 🙁 And I don’t like the idea of unlimited ammo. But the cheap price and destructible environments are more than enough to make up for that so I’ll still be buying this.

  5. I’ll take the Regenerating Healthy, but Unlimited ammo?! Wtf?
    Whatever, at least it’s cheaper than most games. Now we just have to hope that 1943 is worth $15-$30.

  6. Something tells me it will be. I mean, really, in BF1942, I just played the same 3 or 4 maps over and over again. If this has some great maps to rotate through, I can see it being a ton of fun, and really easy to hop into, though I imagine more hardcore players will wish for some depth.

  7. Looks good, unlimited ammo will not be fun tho… Specially for camping…

    1942 – 2 – 2142
    1943 – 3 – 2143!!!! We will be getting battlefield 3 soon!!!!!

  8. I’ve liked the way alot of games have moved towards the regenerating health system as opposed to a HUD Green-to-Red bar. However, imagine online games… I can hear the complaints already… “HACKER!! I SHOT you like 3846 times!!”.. “Noo, I ran away and re-gen’d!!”…

    “r3_gEn 1.36 4ct1vaTeD~!!!”


    Then again COD4 was sex on pixels, so…

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