Valve Announces Left 4 Dead Survival Pack

l4dRejoice my fellow Left 4 Dead-ites, for Valve is releasing the much anticipated Left 4 Dead DLC this spring. And goodness me, that’s just a few short months away.

Firstly, there will be a new multiplayer mode titled Survival, which I’m guessing is just what it sounds like: surviving against tons of zombies. I’m wondering if this only takes place on the finale levels, or if it just doesn’t give you health packs and puts you into the campaigns as they are. We shall see. In addition, there will be two brand new campaigns, playable in co-op or versus mode.

On top of all of that, PC users will also get access to the SDK for the game, which will open up the floodgates of user-generated content. Sounds like L4D is about to get a lot cooler, and especially so for the PC.

Source- Shacknews

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7 thoughts on “Valve Announces Left 4 Dead Survival Pack”

  1. Oh man, this just pumped me up lol… Survival Mode sounds cool and I cant wait until they say where the 2 new maps will be. Thank god they are including versus on both new ones, that to me is a total blast. I just wonder how much this will be too… I’d pay for it but most of the kids I play with are cheap lol

  2. I know what survival is going to be like.
    You stay in a good surviving spot, where there is a lot of props to make cades. Then just stay alive at the place your in until your pick-up arrives.

    So it’s going to be like the, Garry’s Mod:Zombie survival, and CS:S:Zombie mod. I think…

  3. I’m so used to not having to pay for valve-awesomeness-updates so I hope we don’t have to pay for this…

    Valve releasing the SDK for L4D will be like opening the doors to shoppers on black friday, thousands will rush in to make maps, many will be crushed by the harshness of reality when people tell them their maps suck and one person will die from the shock of all the awesomeness.

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