Halo Wars Demo is Live!

halo-warsWell, the long-awaited Halo Wars has now produced a demo on XBox Live for you fanatics to get your grubby hands on. The game doesn’t come out until March 3rd, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go ahead and kill your fair share of Covenant vehicles and ground troops, RTS style.

I’m really interested to see how the game holds up on several levels. One, as a Halo game, does it do the franchise justice, and is it enough to tide the fans over until Halo ODST? Also, as an RTS on a console, is there enough depth there for long time RTS fans, but enough accessibility so that new players and Halo fanboys can dive right in and use it intuitively.

So, who else is going to download this demo? Anybody pumped about Halo Wars?

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7 thoughts on “Halo Wars Demo is Live!”

  1. It’s an RTS by Ensemble, so I know it’s going to be good. But it’s an RTS on a console, so I know the controls are going to suck. If this sees a PC port, it’ll make my day. Otherwise, I’ll pass.

  2. I just downloaded and played a few games of Halo Wars, and I’ve got to say, the controls are the best I’ve seen on a console. That’s not saying much, but still. It takes a short while to get used to, but the control scheme is easy to learn and works very well.
    Now the gameplay. Yeah, it’s pretty simple, seeing how it’s all about combat and not creating much of a complex economy, but Ensemble games were never really about that.
    In conclusion, Halo Wars is fun, easy to control, and it looks like it’ll be a nice prelude to the original trilogy. God, what is this – Star Wars! Damn, it even has the same second word!

  3. I downloaded this today, and I’ve really enjoyed it. I was skeptical about the transition to an RTS, especially on a console, but it works quite well.

    The campaign is a lot of fun. They managed to make it feel very Halo-like. I’m going out to pre-order this game tomorrow.

  4. I downloaded the demo last night, and thought it was pretty fun. The controls were very simple, the gameplay straight forward and I agree w/ Mitch that it “felt” like Halo.

    Unfortunately, I just feel like it’s a dumbed down version of Starcraft. And while I think it might be fun to revisit the Halo universe, I don’t know if after that wears off the game underneath is very deep. I think this RTS might be a little light on the ‘S’.

    I’ll reserve judgment until the final game is released, but this demo did nothing to increase my excitement about the game.

  5. I disagree with sinister. I think wox42 is right, I mean come on who honestly thinks RTS’ are better on the consoles?

  6. Demo’s pretty good. I had some money to burn, so I pre ordered the limited edition. I don’t know whether I bought this game for the game itself or the Mythic map packs. But hey, it’s Ensemble’s final game, so it deserves a little respect. It’s a real shame to see these dudes go.

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