EA Dishes out a Triple Bomb of Announcements

eaWow, EA had themselves quite the day today. First, they informed us rabid fanboys that Bioware’s Dragon Age: Origins wouldn’t be hitting multiple consoles (XBox 360 and PS3) or the PC until later in 2009, which is contrary to the “early 2009” release date they teased at last year. Those whores.

After that, they went on to confirm a rumor that started circulating last week- Dead Space Wii! That’s right, the Nintendo Wii console-slaying machine will be getting its own dose of strategic dismemberment. I’m wondering how the controls translate, and I actually imagine they’ll be pretty well suited.

And lastly, we finally got some dirt on Mass Effect 2, also from Bioware. Namely, that it’s not coming until early 2010. However, the juicy part of all that is that they said it would be a multiplatform release. Now, that could mean XBox 360 and PC. Or better yet, maybe the PS3 will see Mass Effect 2 after all.

So, after that flurry of announcements- which are you most excited about? Dragon Age: Origins, Dead Space Wii or Mass Effect 2? Go!

Sources- Yahoo, VG247 and Kotaku

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5 thoughts on “EA Dishes out a Triple Bomb of Announcements”

  1. I was a huge fan of NWN, so their Dragon Age announcement is kind of disappointing, but I’m still looking forward to the game. Dead Space Wii is pretty meh…shooters won’t truly belong on the Wii until they can pump the graphics up. I mean, how are they going to get the lighting effects right on such a weak console? Still, the motion controls could be fun. As for Mass Effect 2, I won’t start worrying about that until it has a confirmed release date – five to one it gets pushed back again.

  2. I’ve actually known about Dead Space Wii being confirmed for about 6 months now. Know how? My uncle’s working on it :O

  3. EA also said Sims 3 is pushed back till June.

    If I had to be excited over one of those. Mass Effect 2. People said the first was damn good

  4. NWN was awesome, NWN2 however… sucked wang. So I’m sitting on the fence for Dragon Age – though I’m sure it turn out to not suck (Bioware generally has a way with things).
    Dead Space for the Wii? Woopti-doo…
    Mass Effect 2 in early 2010? Yea, I can dig it, and it is definately the game I want to play the most. A year away though? *sigh* I just hope it comes out on PC the same time it does fot xbox.

  5. Mass effect on the wii
    I wonder if they will outfit it with wii esq gimmiks

    waggle your wii to make the elevator move!!! 🙂

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