The Metal Gear Solid Cast Improv Therapy

Sounds just as confusing as the plot of MGS4, no? Basically, there is a new video out that features the voice actors of the MGS games (Raiden, Snake, Roy Campbell, Naomi Hunter and Otacon) all doing an improv session. The idea behind the skit is that they can’t separate the game characters from their actual lives.

It’s completely made up on the spot (improv, duh), and is sometimes bizarre and somteimes hilarious. My favorite bits are when David Hayter busts out the Snake voice, and when they jump in with the “Snaaaaaake” bits. Some good stuff, give it a watch.


Boomer In A Thong Makes Left 4 Dead Sexy

boomer-thongBeing out of the PC gaming scene for awhile now (not by choice, it’s just that updating rigs is expensive), I sometimes miss out on one of the coolest aspects of it- community content. The mods, the skins, the updates, it’s all totally worth it to buy a game because over the course of a couple of years, you get what you paid for from what people add on.

It seems this is already the case with Left 4 Dead, as there are already mods and such for the zombie shoot-em-up. This one, however, just about made me pee my pants in laughter. The boomer in a thong. That’s right. He’s big. He’s burpy. He’s thongy. And he’s sexy as hell.

You should definitely check out the screenshots for a good laugh. Heck, download it yourself and get in on the sexy action. Anybody else seen some good L4D mods/skins?

Source- FPS Banana. Also, Slowa found this at Left4Dead411, as well.

Today’s WTF: Lady Puts Credit Card in Wii

credit-card-wiiWow, starting the new year off with a bang, eh kids? Already we’ve got a pretty epic fail/wtf-inducing moment to talk about. And this one just takes many a cake.

Apparently, a poster over at NeoGAF has informed the gaming community this his neighbor broke her Wii by putting a credit card in it. The defense? She was trying to buy VC games and she took “put in your credit card” a bit too literally. Now her Wii is broken.

Funny thing is, there are just as many games to play on it… Ok, I kid. I bash on the Wii too much, but let’s transfer that negative energy into making fun of this silly lady. How’s that for an epic fail? View some pics of the ordeal here.

Source- Kombo