The Goldeneye Achievements That Could Have Been

ge-360This list is actually kind of sad. You see, Goldeneye was supposed to be released for XBox Live Arcade at some point over the last year or so, but Microsoft and certain other parties couldn’t act like big boys and get the thing to happen. So as a result, we, the gamers missed out on the re-release of an old classic. I mean, imagine an XBL deathmatch in this game. Sigh.

An all too painful reminder of the Goldeneye that could have been graced the Intertubes today, namely in the form of supposedly leaked achievements.

While these aren’t the confirmed actual achievements from the game, the names seem to speak for themselves.

Q-Branch (20 GP)
Unlock a cheat – beat the target time on any level
00 Agent (25 GP)
Complete the game on Secret Agent Difficulty
Bullet Proof (5 GP)
Complete a level having collected all the body armour
Sprinter (30 GP)
Complete the game from start to finish in less than an hour
Slapper (10 GP)
Complete a level without firing a shot and having killed 5 guards
Agent (5 GP)
Complete a level on any difficulty
Bullet Shy (20 GP)
Complete a level without getting hit.
Secret Agent (15 GP)
Complete the game on Agent difficulty
License to Kill (10 GP)
Complete any level having killed more than 50 guards.
Dual Wield (5 GP)
Dual wield any weapon.
Munitions Expert (15 GP)
Complete a level having hit enemies with more than 300 shots.
007 (40 GP)
Complete the game on 00 Agent difficulty.

I actually probably could have done most of those. So who here is just as sad as me that this game never saw a release on XBL Arcade? I mean, admittedly, the game probably wouldn’t have been as fun today as it was then, but heck, I’d still get it.

Source- Destructoid

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5 thoughts on “The Goldeneye Achievements That Could Have Been”

  1. You know, I never actually played Goldeneye…I KNOW!! I’m evil, again! I haven’t played FF7, MGS, or GE. Pathetic…

    So it really breaks my heart that GE won’t be for XBL Arcade. Those bastards.

  2. Here’s one Id like to see added.

    Vomitron (30 GP): “Send your friend running to the bathroom after watching over your shoulder for 15 minutes”

    Never failed to amaze me how that game caused anyone not playing to turn green, lol.

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