GamerSushi Asks: Would You Rather?

I figured after all this time, and the new year already rolling along (how is it almost February), it was time for another “Would You Rather”? We seriously love the way you guys participate in these topics.

In “Would You Rather’, I simply ask a series of questions, and you follow up with your responses. Give as much or as little explanation as you want with your answers.

However, if your answers suck, there will be robots, with metal hands. You don’t want to know what they do with the metal hands. Trust me.


Would you rather…

1. Play a zombie shooter with slow, meandering zombies or sprinting, ridelin addicted zombies.

2. Be forced to play a sports game or a puzzle game?

3. See cheaper next-gen consoles, or consoles packed with more high-end features?

4. Download substantial episodic content once a year for your favorite games, or wait 2-3 years for a brand new sequel with updated graphics, engine, etc?

5. Keep all your old games to add to your collection or sell them to get more money for newer, shinier games?

6. Purchase all of your games to download online, or do you prefer to have the hard copy?

7. If you only had one day left to game, would you rather play a brand new game, or an old favorite? Single player or online?

Answer away!

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30 thoughts on “GamerSushi Asks: Would You Rather?”

  1. All right! Another would you rather.
    1. Sprinting, ridelin addicted zombies – no contest. L4D is a classic example of this done well – the in-your-face action really makes the game much more fun. The zombies feel much more dangerous when they can actually reach you.
    2. Puzzle game. The only fun I’ve ever had with a sports game is beaning the batters in baseball.
    3. Cheaper next-gen consoles. My PC is my high-end, feature-ridden machine. The 360 is more for Netflix and the few exclusives than for serious gaming. For me, at least.
    4. Wait 2-3 years. The transition from HL to HL2 was simply astounding, whereas the transition from HL2 to Ep’s 1&2 felt more like simple story progression. Then again, Far Cry 2 didn’t have such a great transition from the original Far Cry, so maybe it depends on the developer.
    5. Keep all my old ones. I constantly go back to my old games, because replaying old favorites is just so much fun. Plus, where would we be without Starcraft? That’s about 10 years old.
    6. Depends. If it’s a steam-like purchase, where I can keep my games even if I lose my hard drive, online purchase for sure. If it’s an itunes-style purchase, though, where you get one download and that’s it, I’d reather have a hard copy.
    7. Don’t even joke about that. If that were the case, though, I would spend my entire 24 hours exploring every last square inch of Vvardenfell in Morrowind. Never has there been a game that has immersed me so fully in its world as Morrowind has, and there probably won’t be one anytime soon.

  2. 1. L4D’s zombies for sure.

    2. A great puzzle game such as Braid or Portal.

    3. High end featured.

    4. Wait for a sequel. Valve deserves a kick in the teeth for making people wait for 2 hour long episodic content that takes them as long to make as other studios take to make a sequel. Not to mention they are on their third one.

    5. Keep the ones that belong to favorite series’, the others sell.

    6. Hard copy for sure.

    7. An old favorite’s single player.

  3. Woot, WUR is back! Love these. Let’s do it!

    1 – Fast zombies for sure, valve really showed off the power of the zombie with HL2 and L4D. Seeing a horde of zombies in L4D coming at you and knowing that there is no way you can outrun them is epic. Especially after you kill them all and are like “Wow, we’re alive!” I used to prefer slow zombies because I could never see a huge horde of fast zombies being as fair as a huge horde of slow zombies, Valve likes to prove everyone wrong though.

    2 – Odd question….There are some sport games I like (WWE games, Wii Sports) and some I hate (any “every year” football or other mainstream sport game) along with some puzzle games I like (Portal, World of Goo, Tetris) and some I hate (Peggle.). So I guess if it was a football game vs. Peggle I would play Peggle. So yeah, puzzle game.

    3 – Depends what you class as high end, when I think next gen I like to think of new exciting features instead of just better graphics. I would definitely pay more for the new exciting concept then pay less for the Playstation Fi….I mean the graphically upgraded console. Also, I for one buy a games console for a games console not a DVD/Blu – Ray/VHS/Toast player so if they want to strip that crap out to make it cheaper then I welcome it.

    4 – Wait. I have learned to be pretty patient over the years when waiting for games, mostly because I try not to look at too many previews or play demos.

    5 – Keep, I really am not one to sell games back. In fact I can count all the games I have taken back over my 10 years of gaming on 2 hands. The only reason I will ever return a game if is I really see no chance of me every playing it ever again. I even keep really linear games with no extra stuff to do because I’m the kind of person who wakes up and has the urge to go and replay some random game.

    6 – Don’t care really. Online is usually cheaper, faster and requires less effort. When I buy a game on Steam I have the awesome idea of how “I now own this game for life, can’t loose it down the back of the sofa!” Hard copy is nice though, makes you feel like you aren’t just spending your money on bytes. PC wise I own 56 games on steam (just counted :P) and 25 ish hard copies.

    7 – One day left as in my life? Oh noes! It would suck playing a brand new game that turned out to be really bad so I would probably play an old favourite (British spelling tyvm) like….actually I won’t try and decide because I will be here all day. It would be single player most likely because having some assclown online ruin my final gaming moments would suck.

    Well that was fun, even if it did eat up 30 minutes of pre-sleep gaming. (Playing Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney on the DS atm) Apologies in advanced for anything that doesn’t make sense, It’s like 3am.

  4. 1. Play a zombie shooter with slow, meandering zombies or sprinting, ridelin addicted zombies.

    It all depends on the game for me, if it is more of a puzzle horror game with boss creatures and more sophisticated creatures like Resident Evil, then I’d like to have slower moving zombies. But then again now
    brought into this formula is L4D, which utilizes its fast paced zombies for a more enjoyable team-oriented experience. So IMO, it’s all based on the game type.
    What I’ve always wanted to see is a Zombie co-op MMO type game, think of Fallout 3, but with a ravaged say New Y0rk city, etc. and Instead of Mutants, it’s zombies.
    If I ever get the chance too I’d go more in depth on what I’ve thought about this game lol, you should see my thoughts on it, I have like 10+ text documents of me and my friend, just rambling on about our “idea”.
    Any who before I continue off topic! Onto the next question.

    2. Be forced to play a sports game or a puzzle game?

    Puzzle, I hate sports games, and frankly, wouldn’t you think that a combat-puzzle game, like Prince of Persia, is a lot better then say Madden ’09 ? (Replay and re-sell). 🙂

    3. See cheaper next-gen consoles, or consoles packed with more high-end features?
    Cheaper next-gen, I just bought an xbox 360, and it seems to be very well equipped minus Blu-Ray, but hey that’s what my PC is for.

    4. Download substantial episodic content once a year for your favorite games, or wait 2-3 years for a brand new sequel with updated graphics, engine, etc?
    Tough question, I can look at Half Life 2 and be very happy with Episodic, but then there is also the instance of say, CS 1.6 vs. CS:Source, Based solely on opinion (Not on the competitive aspect), source is an example of something that has fared quite well, by
    having a very long wait for an upgrade to the franchise. This is just another question I think that can only be based on the type of game. Lets say if it is good now, it will stay good for some time, but eventually everything needs to be upgrade. (I’m looking at you Valve, you’ve pushed Source to the edge.)

    5. Keep all your old games to add to your collection or sell them to get more money for newer, shinier games?
    I keep all of my old games, rainy days bring old memories, old memories makes me want to play old games, if they aren’t there, then what ? 😛

    6. Purchase all of your games to download online, or do you prefer to have the hard copy?

    I like purchasing hard copy when ever I have the chance, or there are included bonus’ to doing so, but In the case of Steam, it has become harder for me to choose between digital or hard-copy seeing as Steam just gives out ridiculous deals, like last weekend Mount and Blade was $7.50!!!
    vs. the $29 at Best Buy.

    7. If you only had one day left to game, would you rather play a brand new game, or an old favorite? Single player or online?

    I’d never like to think of my last day of gaming, this question is hard…. (I’m almost stumped lol).

    If it were this specific moment, I would say, a favorite, and Multiplayer, playing with friends 🙂

  5. YES! I really love these WYR’s, Gamersushi guys. Keep them up!

    1. Left 4 Dead is my answer.

    2. Puzzle game. The only sports I watch are the Olympics and the Super Bowl.

    3. I just want fun, innovative, long-lasting, addicting games and a console with a price that won’t cause my family to have to get a mortgage or something. Whether I have a classic controller or a WiiMote in my hand, I want GOOD games.

    4. It depends. For series like CoD where we get an awesome game by Infinity Ward one year, and then a sucky one by Treyarch the next year, I don’t want to have to spend $60 bucks every year. Every 2-3 years, release an amazing new sequel that brings back the good old times but still has a new flair. Now, with open-world games, the developers could release DLC every so often, whether annually or every few months. DLC really gets players to go back to games, and still have a new thing to explore and play.

    5. I don’t like to part with old classics. Every so often, I get an urge to play an old game like LoZOot. I’d keep games that I know I’ll want to revisit around, and then cash in old games that I have stopped playing at GameStop. Or the Craterside Supply.

    6. Since I can’t get new big titles off of the console marketplace, I’ll have to go out and buy the hard copy. Thanks to Steam, however, I can shop online, and it saves time, energy, and I think production cost money. It’d be awesome if the next-gen console titles could be purchased online. AKA, if Steam ruled the world.

    7. I’d play the games I’m making. And maybe some classics, and a new game that’s awesome.

    CAN’T WAIT FOR THE NEXT WYR!!! Again, this is the greatest thing on the site, you guys! Oh, except for me.

  6. 1. Sprinting zombies. CoD WaW zombies is a great example. They start from slow to OMFG THATS FAST.

    2. Sports game. Wii Sports much? For sports game that aren’t for the Wii, I’d only play with friends who are actually into the said sport game. NBA Live is a great example. Me and my friends a few years back would do nothing but play this game for hours.

    3. Cheaper next-gen consoles. Just like Wox42, my High-end is my PC :). I can handle not having a DVD feature for any console.

    4. This one is a tough choice for me. I enjoy the episodic contents for HL2, but then..the thoughts of HL3 makes me drool all over the floor lulz. Honestly though, I’d go with episodic contents and wait awhile. HL2 Ep1&2 are pretty much the appetizers, HL3 is the main course. Mhmmmm video game.

    5. Keep my old games. Just so I can be considered a cool retro-geamer geek 3 decades from now. “OH SWEET YOU’VE GOT CRISIS? I BET MY PC CAN RUN THAT ON ULTRA HIGH”

    6. Hard copy. As much as I love steam, it makes me feel better to have a hard copy.

    7. If I had one day left to play a video game, I would explore the World…of Warcrack.

  7. 1. Play a zombie shooter with slow, meandering zombies or sprinting, ridelin addicted zombies.

    L4D is my answer. Although I have a love/hate relationship with HL2’s fast zombies…those fuckers have ESP or something, always lunging 10 feet at you, right above your crosshairs when you’re about to blow their headcrab off.

    2. Be forced to play a sports game or a puzzle game?

    Don’t like either one, but a puzzle game would be okay I suppose

    3. See cheaper next-gen consoles, or consoles packed with more high-end features?

    Cheaper. Graphics don’t make the game, they add on to it.

    4. Download substantial episodic content once a year for your favorite games, or wait 2-3 years for a brand new sequel with updated graphics, engine, etc?

    You wrote this with Valve in mind didn’t ya? In hindsight I’d rather have waited a few years for HL3. But DLC is always nice, no denying that.

    5. Keep all your old games to add to your collection or sell them to get more money for newer, shinier games?

    My old games aren’t going anywhere. Period.

    6. Purchase all of your games to
    download online, or do you prefer to have the hard copy?

    Tough one. If it’s like steam, then DLing off the net isn’t bad.

    7. If you only had one day left to game, would you rather play a brand new game, or an old favorite? Single player or online?

    My old fave MGS. No doubt about it.

  8. 1. FAST! FAST! FAST! It’s less of a decent from typical action games, which I lean more towards and it also makes me feel like I actually achieve something.
    2. Puzzle games, I always thought the idea of video games was to face challenges that one wouldn’t be able to find IRL.
    3. Cheaper. My wallet no like emptiness 🙁
    4. 2-3 years, whatever it is, it’s worth the wait and is bound to bring a whole slew of improved graphics/game mechanics that they can’t come up with in 8 months. Though Half Life 2’s episodes have done a pretty good job in this sense even though its been like 2-3 years since the last episode.
    5. I’ll never know that day that I might have a special craving for oldies, gotta go with savin’ em up and really just reserving money for those games that HIT me.
    6. In the past I’ve always bought games cause it makes me feel like I own something, but now Steam is one of my favorite online gaming interfaces and I have absolutely no problems with it.
    7. Then God have mercy on my sole if that day ever comes X’C no but seriously probably a new game. I’m guessing most will say old, but for me there’s just such a dreadful sense of being unfinished with a game that I’d never be able to live with (and knowing this I’d good and well play that sucker to death too!)

  9. 1.Depends. I would have to say I like the way that CoD:5 utilizes the zombies, to be slow at first, but then faster.

    2.Puzzle games, all the way.

    3. It really depends. It wouldn’t be soo bad to see cheaper high-end consoles.

    4. Depends on the game. With games like Fallout 3 and GTA IV, they could go without a new release for awhile (though I’d much rather see a new one.) But with games such as CoD or say, Unreal Tournament, we are always hoping there is something new added.

    5. Well, it ultimately depends. All my classical games now a days are coming back to new consoles in game packs. I would have to say I could part with all my classics, except for almost anything on the PC.

    6. Hard Copy. Download able games can be such a hasle. I remember trying to get Vegas 2 on the computer, it took me 10 days to play the game, because they gave me the wrong code I needed. And now I don’t even play it, but when I want to, I’ll have to go through another 2 hour download. The Steam layout is good, but yet again, long downloads.

    7. I’d find a way to play everything I have that I need to remember as a gamer. On that list, there would be:
    CoD:1, Finest Hour, 4, and meby 5.
    Mechwarrior (any one)
    Sonic 1-3 and Sonic&Knuckles
    UT 3 (only cus it looks pretty)
    and finally!!!!!!!!!!!
    CS:S with all my good friends.
    Yeah, I’d find a way to fit that all in.

  10. 1) Fast zombies. Like the ones in I Am Legend. It’s kind of interesting, in the old movies, zombies move so slow and the humans get caught. But now, all the zombies are raging to you. It’s really fun that way.

    2)Sports game. I love golf, do you like golf? I heart golf…

    3)High end features, I totally made a mistake getting the cheapest. Now I’m aiming for a 1000$ laptop. *thumbs up*

    4)Hmmm, hard question. Especially thinking from a developer’s way too. I like new software, like Half-life. Cause if you keep on adding stuff, the game will be packed and run slow.

    5)Keeping them. You never know when your going to hav an urge to play a retro game.

    6)You using a computer to think these questions up or something, set on hard? Hmmm, long thinker.

    10 min later…

    If you download, you can play it soon as it finished, but with hardcopy you hav to find a day to go buy it. But good to hav because even your memory goes bad you can re-install it… So I’d rather take download able, ahh what the heck, why not.

    7)A fav on online plz, thx. But wait, only on more day to game!? That terrifying!

  11. 1. i like my zombies slow and numerous, there’s nothing like watching your ammo dwindle while pumping bullets into the steadily gaining horde.

    2.puzzle games, if i wanted to play sport I’d be outside.

    3.i have to say i like my high end features, but at the same time i like my money as well…

    can’t i have both?

    4.both work for me, i;m happy to let the developers decide.

    5. sell them, nostalgia is for people who can’t afford mew games.

    6. online. steam is kickass when compared to actually having to move away from my computer.

    7.I’d want to play an old favorite online with my friends, it doesn’t matter what game, theres nothing like a death match with your best mates.

  12. 1. I think on this one I would want a combination of both. In COD W@W you can play the Nazi Zombie mode, which goes through with slow zombies at first, but they progressively get faster, to where it gets to the point of there being NO slow zombies. Combo-ing it up makes it more fun I think.

    2. Does racing counts sports? And can I say Myst count as a puzzle game? I think I would have to go with Sports if I can lay multiplayer but if I was alone, puzzle. As long as its not retarded hard. haha

    3. More high end features I think. Look at the Wii, its cheap and has some good features, so if it can be relatively cheap and have features, then that means we should push for features, since they will inevitably get cheaper. Plus consoles should level out in price as things go on.

    4. Hmmm this one is tough. Games like Oblivion had add-ons that made it great. I think it really depends on the game. For the most part I think small things like add-ons can be great. The sequel, if it deserves one, will come anyway and if the game is good enough, keep it coming, keep my interest in it.

    5. I have learned finally, after getting $12 for Far Cry 2, that its better to keep the old ones. I have had some bouts of wanting to play games I sold. With how the market is, its better you keep the game. That $12 may be worth my entertainment sometime.

    6. Hard copies. Since this seems more pertinent to a PC, its great to be able to download them with no CD but it requires the Internet. Say you don’t have it at the time you need it, bummer. Also with all this DRM and crap it can be harder to just download it. With a CD you have that and the Key, so no problem. Smaller CD cases would be nice. Or a manual ON THE CD.

    7. I have 24 hrs. I would rather play a little single player and then probably enjoy online with one or a few friends. Like I would love to play a game with my cousin, say Halo for the PC. Then it would be nice to play some single player games say Ace Combat 4. I would mix it up really.

  13. 1. Fast zombies. I’ve yet to play L4D but from the way Eddy’s been slabbering about it then it must be good.
    2.Puzzle. Sports are related with activity. Surely gaming and sports are arch-rivals? Anyway, puzzles are enjoyable when done properly.
    3.A good balance of both. I like my Blu-Ray player cuz I’m a techno whore and if it doesn’t display in 720p or higher then it isn’t worth my attention (yes Wii I’m looking at you).
    4. 2-3. I don’t like the way Valve are doing installments of HL2. Yes it works fine, but it takes so goddam long for such a short experience (in the case of Ep1, Ep2 was better). As long as it doesn’t take mammoth production time.
    5. Depends on how much I liked them. Haze went out in 2 weeks but Dark Cloud and Dark Chronicle hold a place on my gaming shrine/shelf.
    6.Hard copy. I don’t like the whole eat up your hard drive in no time as PS3 games have a large enough pre-install without it taking up even more room.
    7. Old fave with friends and cousins as it would be Goldeneye which is lacking in the online department!

  14. 1. Steady shambling. What can I say, I’m a sucker for the classics.

    2. A puzzle game, probably. Give my brain a bit of a work out.

    3. Cheaper next-gen consoles. We’ve already got HDMI, Wi-Fi and what have you in the current run of consoles, I don’t know what else they can possible add. (Credit card reader?)

    4. This is a tough one. As long as I’m not relying on Valve, episodic content every year or so would have to be my choice.

    5. Sell them for new games. I’ve had to pinch pennies for the last few months.

    6. I like having hard copies.

    7. An old favorite, single player game.

  15. 1. Fast zombies. Slow zombies are great in the movies, but not so much in games.

    2. Puzzle games. That says SO much about me.

    3.High end features. It’s not next gen unless there’s some new stuff in it!

    4.Two to Three years, no doubt. As long as the games are good.

    5.Usually better to keep the old ones. Everyone’s felt “God I wish I didn’t sell that!” at some point.

    6. Hard Copy. You can take it back, you can keep it with you, and there’s always that moment of “WOO NEW GAME” that you get with hard copies that just doesn’t exist with digital downloads.

    7.New game. It’s fun to experience new things. As long as they don’t suck. Single player, because the last thing I want is some idiot (And I use that term lightly) shouting at me from across the globe.

  16. 1. L4D style zombies. It’s way more intense.

    2. Puzzle game. I played through Portal at a friend’s house and thought it was awesome. Personally I think sports games are boring. Almost as boring as watching sports.

    3. Cheaper. I’ve had my 360 for almost 4 months now and I think it’s just fine. And as long as we are talking about cheaper price, and not too much cheaper in quality, that’s the way I would like to go. $300 for a gaming system is a little out there. I also don’t think we should have to start worrying about the next next gen already. Way to soon, these systems still have a lot left in them.

    4. DLC is fine for little changes, but getting a newer, better game is always nice.

    5. I hold onto my past favorites (Black, Halo 1 and 2, Splinter Cell, Far Cry 2) and sell the ones I’m bored of.

    6. Hard Copy all the way. That may be because I’m a console gamer and not as much a pc gamer (I only have a laptop). But I really like being able to look at my gaming/movie shelf and see the cases for all the awesome games I own.

    7. That would suck like none other, but I’ll humor you. I would finish Zelda Ocarina of Time, Get those last couple achievements on CoD4 for 1000 Gamer Score, Have a gaming buddy over and play a bunch of Diablo 2, and have a massive all nighter 360 lan with lots of Gears, CoD4 and Halo 2.

  17. 1. All things being equal, I’d opt for zombies of the slow, shambling variety, the kind that slowly but steadily grow to an overwhelming mob as you frantically reload.

    2. Puzzle game. Although I do have a soft spot for the occasional round of Tiger Woods.

    3. Cheaper consoles, hands down. I’m all for multimedia convergence, and I’ve been enjoying the media center capabilities of the 360, but it’s just icing on the cake for me. I’d definitely own all three consoles by now if it weren’t for the high entry point for the PS3.

    4. I like the episodic concept. Shorter, more frequent episodes would theoretically keep me more engaged with the series, as long as the story isn’t compromised. However, I haven’t seen any developer manage to execute this very well to date.

    5. Ideally, I’d like to hang on to everything, but my wallet and the realities of storage space dictate otherwise. In reality, I’ll hold on to PC favorites and depend on emulation or re-releases for the console end.

    6. Hard copy. Can’t even count the number of times I’ve managed to delete downloaded along with anything that would allow me to access it again. Not to mention the dreaded companion of most downloaded games – DRM.

    7. One day left to game? Sounds like one day left, period, in which case I’d go with an old favorite, multi-player style. I guess I’d want to roll gaming and time with friends together if I’m that short on time.

    These things are addictive! One suggestion, if I may – it’d be a bit tricky, given the open format of answers, but it would be cool to see a breakdown of how many people made which choice, in addition to reading their full comments.

  18. anwser to the rest

    2. Sports, Madden mofo (haha not really)

    3. Screw Wii

    4.dunno, I like full blown sequels, but episodes are cool. P.S. I want my HL2 Episode 3 dammit!

    5.Half and Half, but with all these great games throughout the past 2 years(that u need a pot in order to finish them), mostly sell to buy new ones.

    6.whatever, as long as I get the game, but douches are illegaly downloading on the PC. 🙁

    7.What senerio we talkn bout? One day to live senario? or marriage? If first one, screw games, gotta do other things. second senario, we gotta make sacrifices, and she can too, game time!

  19. 1.Sprinting Zombies!

    2. Sports game. Love puzzles, but once you figure them out…its over.

    3. Cheaper! I had no need for a blu ray player.

    4. Wait 2-3 years for a big upgrade.

    5. Keep only the ones I love, sell the rest.

    6. Hard copy, baby. I love the box, the manual, everything.

    7. Old favorite: FFVI

  20. 1. I think L4D proves that fast zombies are better
    2. Puzzle Game
    3. Definitely cheaper the only thing I use my consoles for are games and music.

  21. continued
    4. A brand new game. DLC is just a way for developers to constantly suck your wallet dry.
    5. I always sell my games except for a few special games.
    6. Definitely a boxed copy digital copies should be cheaper.
    7. An old favorite for sure

  22. 1. I’d say slow for survival horror, and sprinting for action. If I have to choose, I’ll go with sprinting, fast zombies.

    2. I enjoy both sports and puzzle games. But, puzzle games are obviously more fulfilling.

    3. Cheaper. Always cheaper.

    4. I’d rather wait 2-3 years for a brand new sequel. Valve tried to do the episodic games, and it still takes 2 years to do. You might as well be working on something totally new in all that time.

    5. In theory it sounds great to keep all my old games and go back and play them from time to time, but in reality it doesn’t happen. I’d be better off just selling them for new titles.

    6. Steam has proven that I don’t really care if I have a physical disc. As long as I’m able to retrieve the game if my console/pc breaks, or I get a new one I’m fine w/ downloading games.

    7. I would definitely play an old favorite. Maybe something like Link to the Past or Metal Gear Solid or Final Fantasy VII or Sonic 2 or KotoR.

  23. another note on #6
    i like hard copy, but developers have other things in mind for new consels and continuing the PC.
    download is the future.

  24. 1. Ima choose slow zombies as long as they arnt Boomer in a thong

    2.The horror Sports or puzzle meh meh meh does griff ball count as a sports game? half life 2 a puzzle game? I guess I would isolate the teeter totter in halflife 2 and just play with that for the rest of eternity

    3.Cheaper 4 mah cheezy om nom nom

    4.I like too wait 4 years and get a little big planet or a half life 2 or mabey 10 years for a fallout 3

    5.Im really ceceptible to nostalgia so anytime I sell a game I regret it… I still play nintendogs from time to time

    6.steam is 1337 nuff said

    7.Little big planet its a favorite and its 3 months old

  25. lots of replies, I’ll try to be brief:

    1. Fast Zombies!

    2. Puzzle games are fantastic ( And I consider freerunning a sport, so .. Mirror’s Edge is the exception!)

    3. Both? Just when im considering a ps3 I have to consider waiting for next gen.. Poo..

    4. We’re already waiting 2 – 3 years for episodic content in the HL2 series! I say if you’re valve, do whatever you want, if you’re not, do full releases!

    5. I sold my Playstation 1 games and gameboy games.. but my PC games I will always keep. Besides, with all their login/anti-piracy crap now a days you almost CANT give/sell the game to someone else ( PC )

    6. I like hard copy, but I keep ISO’s of all the real games anyways, and back them up. I cant count how many times I’ve gone back to play Deus Ex, always good to have it on a spare drive somewhere… But I also like STEAM; aslong as they never die, I’ll have a lot of games on there.

    7. Definetly play CS online with all the great buds I’ve made through there.

    –> gravatar?

  26. Alright, I realized that I never replied! Sorry, I was just having too much fun reading the comments.

    1. You all know of my slurping of Left 4 Dead constantly. Fast zombies, it is.

    2. I’d have to say Sports games, though it’s a tough call. As someone above pointed out, once the puzzle is solved, you’re screwed.

    3. I’d say cheaper. I think $400 is about as high as a console should go, and I think as PC’s get cheaper, it doesn’t make sense to spend as much on a game system.

    4. See, Valve messed this up. Episodic content doesn’t mean you take 2-3 years to make a new episode, unless it’s as big as the first game. Personally, I’d like to see someone tackle this, because I think it’d be great for gaming.

    5. I know I should hold on to games, but trying to budget just doesn’t make it a good idea for me all the time. Besides, I never go back and play old things really, and the only two games I’ve kept through all these years are Final Fantasy IX and VII. Weird, I know. Sell that stuff!

    6. I prefer a hard copy of the game, because I can sell that sucker back. Granted, digital downloads are becoming more preferable as Steam provides great incentives for buying on the cheap.

    7. Like many of you, I hope a day like this never comes, but I’d probably go back and play all of Metal Gear Solid, and the Midgar portion of Final Fantasy VII. After that, I’d probably play some CSS or some Halo 3 online. Also, props to the dude who mentioned a Diablo II LAN for this spot. Brilliant!

  27. Valve didn’t fail on episodic content, as much as people just love to say they did, because they sure didn’t give us Episode One four times as fast as they gave us HL2, right? One and a half years (basically) as opposed to six years? And Episode Two came even a bit quicker than the time it took for Episode One to come out.

    Also SK Beans, you should be shot for speedrunning the episodes. Seriously. It takes longer to finish Episode Two at least.

  28. [quote comment=”4228″]Valve didn’t fail on episodic content, as much as people just love to say they did, because they sure didn’t give us Episode One four times as fast as they gave us HL2, right? One and a half years (basically) as opposed to six years? And Episode Two came even a bit quicker than the time it took for Episode One to come out.

    Also SK Beans, you should be shot for speedrunning the episodes. Seriously. It takes longer to finish Episode Two at least.[/quote]

    Valve didn’t fail, but they had a chance to set the standard for episodic content and in that they failed.

    It should not take that long for such a small episode. In that amount of time, you can do a full sequel.

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