Fallout 3: Operation Anchorage DLC Trailer

The Fallout 3 DLC which so confusingly this week is now being enjoyed by gamers far and wide. Up until now, I’ve only seen screenshots of the thing, which is why it was nice of to Bethesda release this shiny new Operation Anchorage trailer to whet our appetites for some RPG shooter action.

I have to say that I’m an extremely huge fan of the ninja. So who all has played this? Thoughts?

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7 thoughts on “Fallout 3: Operation Anchorage DLC Trailer”

  1. I LOVE FALLOUT 3!!! And Operation: Anchorage is KICKASS. Truly, killin’ Commies is so fun and rewarding!

  2. Operation Achorage! For my money, I could have used another hour or so of content, but it’s pretty good for what it is. The rewards are definitely cool, even if half of them can’t be repair in game.

    Now, where’s my dog armor?!

  3. There is a BUNCH of controversy on this on the Bethesda forums for PC users. That’s because of Microsuck and their Games for Windows Live. (Which is basically Xbox Live Marketplace for the PC)

    The way it works is you have to download GFWL and HAVE a gamertag (there are PC gamers who don’t) in order to BUY the ‘DLC’ (Another thing M$ has coined, its an ADD-ON and shall forever be!) for 800 M$ Points.

    For a lot of PC gamers this is unheard of. I payed $2, $3.50, max for any (to be honest I pirated them after I bought one, shame on me) not the apparent $12.50 that the 800points cost. Thing is you can only buy 1000M$ Points. So alot of them are upset because of the waste of money.

    I myself am upset about how it HAS to be downloaded through this GFWL. I think personally that was a HUGE mistake by Bethesda. Going through Microsoft was a BAD move in my opinion. The files also have to be moved after download if you want to use them without Running and then Logging into GFWL, all of which is not specified to people when they download the add-on. Then they have to MOVE their saved file into a different folder in order to get to play the add-on with a previous character. Its total BS if you ask me, that’s too much to get an add on to work. For Oblivion, it was install and play.

    I really don’t like the GFWL idea, its a lame idea that’s really pushing Microsoft’s products. I don’t want ALL gaming to be controlled by them. Also b uying more of those points? What a rip.

    I want the download though, so Ill have to see

  4. Yeah, I say the GFWL is also bs, and I played through fallout on all my files without logging into live, so when I created an account, no file. 🙁
    P.S.(a torrent is out for this already….)

  5. I’ve gotten through the first part of it and it’s pretty fun. I’ll probably finish it up tomorrow or sometime this week.

  6. Finished it yesterday in 3 hours. Pretty cool, has some interesting gameplay that was unheard of in the game (Counter sniping, no stimpaks, no looting, leading a strike team). The game play felt fresh, unfortunately it only lasted 3 hours. Also, the final reward was not that great, just a new Gauss Rifle (Which is cool) and a Winterized T-51B Power Armor. Overall 8/10

  7. I want this, hopefully I’ll get it soon lol, I haven’t touched Fallout 3 after beating it then finding the Alien Blaster and decimating like 60% of the wasteland with it lol.

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