Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings Trailer

While the latest Indiana Jones movie wasn’t so hot (wtf aliens), there’s always been a lot of potential to extend the life of the franchise through the medium of video games. Here’s a new trailer for Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings, coming to the Wii. Even though it doesn’t show any actual gameplay, I have to say, it definitely has the right feel. I’m actually a little excited.

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4 thoughts on “Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings Trailer”

  1. Whats intresting about the trailer is that it doesent say coming to the playstation 3 but at the end when it says coming spring 2009 under that it shows

    Playstation. Wii. Nintendo DS. and Lucas Arts

    while this in no way means it for shure coming to the ps3 also why would the playstation logo be in a wii game

  2. Hope they hav multiplayer co-op or something, I jus can’t find one with it on the wii.:(

    But the game looks great, to me. Every one needs a slice and adventure like Jones.

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