Ubisoft Predicts New Consoles in 2012

ubisoftLots of speculation has been going on recently as to when the current generation of gaming consoles is going to give way for newer, shinier, more capable consoles from Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony. Some people believe these days will come as soon as 2010, while others have said much later, though this is all speculation. Of course, it all depends on what folks in the industry say.

However, game developer Ubisoft says new consoles are coming in 2012, and are already preparing as such. How so? Well, they’re hiring developers, checking out some new technology, and even looking over some potential new brands.

To be honest, this is good news to me, if Ubisoft is correct in their assumption. I’ve always felt like this generation had a lot more potential left, so it’s good to hear we’re getting perhaps an extra couple more years than we first imagined. So what do you guys think? Is Ubisoft right?

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12 thoughts on “Ubisoft Predicts New Consoles in 2012”

  1. Well, I’m not ready for a new console (got a wii and my brother’s got an xbox). I play everything on my computer except for wii exclusives.

  2. How long di dthe xbox itself last, in terms of years? How about the PSone and the N64? The latter two seem in my mind to have lasted the longest. The PS2 still kicks stuff out. Ill agree in saying ther eis a lot more left. Id also rather see them wait and produce the next gen console with actual Next Gen MATERIAL (hardware, games, ect) I dont want another xBox thats just got better graphics. I want some innovation in it.

    2012 will give them a lot of time to work on it. Thats 3 years away though, that may be too long. With how our technology is changing, I think some may show up sooner. Though, they may just be slightly revamping consoles, like they did with PS2s, making them smaller and such. My guess would be perhaps a smaller version of the 360 (lol) and the PS3, which would be cool. I dont mind though, the 360 works fine for me.

  3. And what’s this next-gen going to have that the current-gen doesn’t? Call me naive, but I think it’s possible that gamers won’t need any more power in their consoles than this next gen will bring. …unless Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo say so, that is.

  4. Ok, I just bought my 360 4 months ago. I spent 500 flipping bucks on that thing and the games and what not. Why are they already coming out with new systems? The 360 just came out 4 years ago! I know they said 2012… But do we seriously need to drop $500 every 7 years? I think these systems have a lot of space left to work with.

    But of course the big gaming companies just want more money so why not?

    But really, what are the next gen systems going to cost? If the PS3 was $600 when it first came out and the 360 was $350, where’s the bar on the next (next) gen? I doubt any one here is ready and/or willing the spend $1000 on the PS4.

  5. Lol, isn’t 2012 when the apocalypse arrives?

    Can’t wait for the new consoles… hope the xbox isn’t going to be called Xbox 720 or something…. I wonder what they’ll include in the next-gen systems… my feeble mind can only think of better graphics… and maybe if virtual-real-life worlds be created by then.

  6. Hmmm…this gen of consoles does still have a lot of time left, and 2011 or 2012 sounds like a good prediction.

    But come on! The world’s gonna end before we get the next gen!

  7. Hmm…Make a good Prince of Persia, Ubi, and I might believe ya.

    I kid, I kid. (kind of) Ever since I’ve become responsible for my own funds, the seemingly constant replacement of consoles is getting pretty tiring. I’ve been buying my own platforms since the N64 era. It’d be nice to squeeze a few more years of out my X Box before I sink another half-grand into one. (Of course, it’ll probably red-ring before then.)

  8. Too short an amount of time. There needs to be more IPs before we can even consider the whole next gen thing. AGAIN.

  9. IPv6? Oh well. I’m excited/curious if there are new consoles coming out in just a few years. We’re already experiencing HD gaming on the 360/PS3, wonder what’ll be next? Ultra-mega HD Gaming? Time will tell..

    As far as IP’s go, “It should be recognized that by the end of 2011, there will be new clients and servers on the Internet which have no choice but to only have an IPv6 address” off wiki-pedia. Hahaha, we’ll start using IPv6 just a year before PS4, Xbox 720, and the WiiCube come out!

  10. I guess they will make a do-it-all console, if the trend continues, ex. more convenient internet browsing on consoles, ability to install other OSs, a CAMERA on the new ds(lol). Maybe you can use the PS4 to pay for your taxes and shop. lol.

  11. [quote comment=”4039″]Wasn’t the world going to end by 2012? lol j/k
    Holy shit dudes, i think Snowman just predicted the apocalypse!

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