RumorBusters: GTA V and Mass Effect

smashSo in the past couple of weeks, I wrote about a couple of rumors that I had seen reported around the Web Tubes. The first had to with Game Informer claiming that a new Grand Theft Auto game would be hitting this year. The second had to with the supposed Mass Effect trilogy coming to the Playstation 3.

As it turns out, both of these things are false. Earlier this week, Rockstar confirmed that there will be no GTA V in 2009. However, they do claim that the Lost and Damned DLC episode for GTA IV is not just an expansion, but a full game. I get to keep driving around Liberty City for 20 bucks? Joy!

In addition, EA commented on the rumor that Mass Effect is coming to the PS3, calling it “inaccurate”. But, they wouldn’t confirm that it would stay as a 360 exclusive. Corporate double speak much?

And there you have it. Personally, both of those being debunked disappoints me just a little. Having a brand new GTA game so soon definitely would have rocked the industry, and I think more people need to experience the brilliance of Mass Effect. What are your thoughts?

Source- Kotaku and VG247

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5 thoughts on “RumorBusters: GTA V and Mass Effect”

  1. hmm not a expansion but instead a full game? this brings on massive amounts of happiness…. i would of bought a expansion for $20 bucks cause im a sucka but a game for $20 is fantastic

  2. meh, giving Mass Effect to PS3 wouldn’t do much since PS3 fans don’t seem to care much about 3rd Party titles as 360 and PC owners do. Many (not all) PS3 owners are Anime fanboys and don’t want anything to do with western RPGs.

    P.S. Turn Based RPGs are Boring as Hell!

  3. I should get AssEffect sometime. I had heard its good. Only annoyance was people going “I CANT FIND MY SHIP” So I bet I would have liked it. I miss KOTORII

    A whole new GTA game? If its $20 Im all game XD

  4. $20 for a full GTA experience? Seems like a deal to me. I traded in my copy of GTA IV, but according to several sources, you only need to have the save data on your hard drive. Obviously the guys at RockStar saw the picture going around the ‘net of the shelf full of second-hand GTAs.

    I’m kind of disappointed that the Mass Effect series isn’t coming to Sony’s black monolith. One of my friends only has a PS3 and a PC, so if the game didn’t get the PC treatment, he never would have played it. Damn shame, really, as BioWare created a fantastic, fleshed out sci-fi universe.

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