Rumor: GameStop, Steam and the Dawn of War II Mystery

dow2Man. Every time I think I’m starting to like GameStop a little more than I used to, they go ahead and do some foolish thing that reminds me why I constantly campaign against them in the first place. On top of overcharging for used video games, it seems the video game retail chain may now be blocking certain games due to their association with Steam.

Yes, you read that correctly. Kotaku is reporting that Dawn of War II pre-orders were recently removed from the company’s website, and the stores themselves are no longer taking pre-orders either. Why? A source close to the situation claims that it has to do with Dawn of War II being packaged with a mandatory install of Steam.

Once again, this is a rumor, but if it’s true, it’s just beyond me. It’d be one thing if it installed a Best Buy promotional offer, but GameStop, contrary to what it thinks, is NOT in a war against digital distributors. To me, anyone that was going to purchase games online is someone that you’re not losing brick-and-mortar sales to. I guess nobody told GameStop that digital distribution is the way of the future.

This is the corporate equivalent of “I’m going to take my ball and go home”. So what do you guys think?

Source- Kotaku

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5 thoughts on “Rumor: GameStop, Steam and the Dawn of War II Mystery”

  1. Interesting. I would have thought that multi-million dollar corporations would be above such playground tomfoolery, but I guess I’m wrong.

    Kind of an odd way to deal with the burgeoning online market place. If this is true, GameStop will take another hit in it’s public image as the big bully of video game sales.

    To use another analogy, it’s kind of like Goliath going home because David picked up the rock. I’m going to go in to my local GameStop tomorrow and try to order DoW 2 and see what happens.

  2. They sell the Counter-Strike: Source & Day of Defeat: Source bundle, as well as the Orange Box and Left 4 Dead, and all those come with Steam. Why is Dawn of War II different?

  3. If They want to lose profit because of thier seemingly misplaced hatred of Steam, I say let them… honestly, I wouldnt care if it required Steam or not, as long as my business can make a profit out of it. Dont see the problem myself, is all I’m saying

  4. Gamestop can not stop the future, one day Steam will crush gamestop and turn their empty stores into burning piles of decay and death

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