GamerSushi Asks: Getting Robbed Online?

onlineWe all know the feeling. Placing the crosshairs on an enemy forehead, only to not score the kill. Getting assassinated from the front in Halo 3. Feeling like your head must be the size of a balloon in the rival teams’ sniper scopes. Experiencing these things online can be frustrating.

Just this evening, I was playing a match of versus in Left 4 Dead. We were on Blood Harvest, stage 4, the portion that ends with the long bridge to the caboose that acts as a safe room. As the zombies, we had weakened the team significantly, waiting for that home stretch when the tank would spawn on their final run. And that would be the end of it. Or rather, it should have been.

You see, even though they got a tank when they were zombies, we didn’t get a tank during our round. So, all 4 survivors ran, barely alive, down the bridge and to safety, putting them out of reach for the game. We got robbed.

I’m sure these kinds of things happen to you dudes game online too, no matter what the game is (though mine seem mostly to be in Halo 3). What are some of your worst “we got robbed” stories from online multiplayer? Answer away!

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  1. Left 4 Dead and Halo 3 are the main culprits for me as well.

    I play Team SWAT almost exclusively on Halo 3, and as such, hit detection is my main foe. Many a time has my gift of hot lead been delivered to the enemy’s cranium only to have them return fire and stop me dead.

    Left 4 Dead has a lot of “robbed” moments. Getting punched off the roof in No Mercy, getting grabbed by a Smoker during the dash for the rescue vehicle, or being the victim of a Hunter teabag. (A Hunter teabag is when a team mate will squat down on your face and run away rather than save you from a Hunter.)

  2. I play some Mrio Kart Wii battle modes, and I always wonder why I don’t get any kills when I throw 1000 shells. I always shout ‘OMG h4xor!!” all the time… *red face*

  3. I understand the disappoinment in Left 4 Dead, its happened to me many times, but think its just part of what makes the game. You have to use what you have to do the best you can. If it was always even it wouldn’t be as fun.

  4. Do you play L4D on a console or the PC Eddy? Because with the new patch which was released January 15, 2009 on the PC both teams in versus get tank and witch at the same average distance.

    The update is coming to Xbox later.

  5. Shaun White Snowboarding is a definite “yes” for me. When you finally face that ginger fuck, not only do you go first, you have to sit and watch him pull 900s out of his ass from when he has speed at all. I almost beat him once though; I had 23500 points or so, and on his last trick, he manages to get 1000 points from a flat jump, and beat me by 700 points. I just had to walk away from my console after that.

  6. In COD me and my friend ALWAYS steal each other’s kills. One of us will get someone into last stand and the other will be a real prick and wipe the smug face off the other. Swearing and verbal insults ensue over the mic until we have ‘evened out’. This only happens with one of my friends. We hate each other 🙂

  7. My least favourite is in CSS when when I’m shooting from behind a box, then duck down as soon as they start shooting at me, and get shot in the head.
    Leaving me to scream at the screen “I was down dammit! I was DOWN!!!!”

    Also, in Left 4 Dead I hate the Tank’s ‘sniper rock’ that never fails to hit me. I just can’t get out of its way!

  8. In Call of Duty. When someone I killed goes into last stand just to have someone else kill him. IT DRIVES ME INSANE!!!!!

  9. CSS is probably my top source of BSS. But L4D drives me nuts as well, what with all the Hunter teabagging (Soooo true Mitch).

  10. I have realized that in Halo 3 I swipe….so I aim like POO! I get robbed a lot because of it.

    Worst is playing W@W. Seriously, nothing is worse than the “invincibility periods” in games. W@W and COD4 have it when the other person goes into last stand. Like wise Halo 3 also has it when you get the over shield. Its VERY annoying

  11. My “favorite thing in the world” is when i join a game of Left 4 Dead, and they follow the 8 year old’s code: Shoot the black dude. I join the game, mid progress, and i say on my mic “hey” and all i get back is OMG BLACK DOOD!!!!! *pew. pew. pew.* end of story. also when i get hunter pounced, and the teamate actually just stands there. just, looks at you. no teabagging, just staring. and when your dead, they headshot the hunter with their auto shotty. fun fun fun!

  12. Sorta getn the opposite of robbed, but still robbed. If that made any sense =D

    On Battlefield 2, u get shot, u die, LIKE U SHUD, and then 5 medics, desperite for points dive on you to get the 2 points for reviving me, only to get shot again. CURSE U BF2 MEDIC WH0RES!!!

  13. [quote comment=”4004″]Do you play L4D on a console or the PC Eddy? Because with the new patch which was released January 15, 2009 on the PC both teams in versus get tank and witch at the same average distance.

    The update is coming to Xbox later.[/quote]

    I’ll be glad when it does. Tonight, we were playing and had two rounds in a row where the other team got a tank and we didn’t. We totally would have had them, too. And I’m not just saying that!

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