Today’s Do Want: Real Portal Gun

portalThere really aren’t a whole lot of things I can say about this. I mean, I can talk about how I’ve always wanted to be a handy person (again), or how I like video game things and want them near me or on me. You know how it goes. But really, words can’t quantify how ridiculously cool this fanmade portal gun is.

Basically, a dude made it for his girlfriend because he knew she loved the game so much. It looks like a ton of care went into the project, and I can’t believe how good it turned out. I think I may love this man.

Anywho, check out the pictures yourself. I can has?

Source- Kotaku

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7 thoughts on “Today’s Do Want: Real Portal Gun”

  1. By “real”, you mean it shoots blue and orange portals at any surface, that isn’t metal, through which you can actually move from two points on an axis without moving through the axis ? If no, I am not interested.

    I am sorry for my bad english skills.

  2. Okay, okay… pretty impressive.

    But how well does it work?!?!?!

    If it’s fully operational, then we can start talking $$$!

  3. someone knock some sense into him with the physics gun! she’ll dump him and run off with it sooner or later.

  4. Pretty Realistic, next she will get her own GLaDOS!!!!
    How cool would that be, all the annoying monotonous comments.
    Good Times…

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