This Left 4 Dead Shirt Rules

l4dshirtI don’t own a whole lot of extraneous video game merchandise. That’s not to say that I choose not to, or that I’m categorically opposed to filling my house with bizarre video game paraphernalia (my wife would throttle me), it’s just not financially viable all the time. Sure, kicking back with my life-sized Solid Snake cardboard cut-out would rule, but unfortunately, it’s not meant to be.

Enter a shirt that might make me spend my money like it’s going out of style. This Left 4 Dead shirt is kind of one of the greatest things I’ve ever seen. It totally adheres to the “less is more” policy as far as t-shirts go, and I find that to be a welcome thing. Who says you can’t kill zombies in style?

So, who else is drooling over one of these? What’s the coolest video game merchandise you own?

Source- Zazzle

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9 thoughts on “This Left 4 Dead Shirt Rules”

  1. Well, my awesome buddy, Eddy got me an awesome Resistance hat from Pax that I wear every night when i don’t feel like doing my hair,lol.

    I also have a sweet Donkey Kong shirt that I got from Target for ten bucks. Its Kong-tastic.

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