Hideo Kojima’s “Top 15 Films” List is For Dudes

kojimaBesides whatever narcotics he puts into his system to give him wild visions and convoluted storylines, Hideo Kojima is inspired primarily by movies. I mean, the fact that nobody told him that Metal Gear Solid 4 was not actually a video game past Act 2 is quite plain to see, and the man clearly has some directorial chops.

So, what are the movies that have had the most effect on this gaming storyteller? Well, it seems Kojima has a list. To be honest, from glancing at it, I’d have to say that Kojima would fit in rather well with me and my buds.

He would also get all of our Predator jokes, apparently. See the full list after the jump!

The Guns of Navarone
The Great Escape
2001: A Space Odyssey
Planet of the Apes (original work)
The Deer Hunter
Dawn of the Dead
Full Metal Jacket
Die Hard
Black Hawk Down
Children of Men
Bourne Series
007 Casino Royale

Sounds like a dude night if I’ve ever heard one. A few of those (Die Hard and Predator, for instance) are on my favorite films of all time as well. And really, given the absurd action of the Metal Gear Solid series, it doesn’t really surprise me.

So, what favorites do you guys have in common with Kojima-san himself?

Source- Siliconera

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6 thoughts on “Hideo Kojima’s “Top 15 Films” List is For Dudes”

  1. This list is awesome! It also totally explains the twists and turns of Metal Gear’s plot. Everyone knows that Predator was famous for it’s tightly woven narrative and anti-nuclear message. I think we all remember the part when we found out that Dutch is made completely out of nano-machines.

    Seriously, this is just another reason why Kojima is rad. I hereby crown him “King Dude”.

  2. Predator has a lot of common in games.Of course Kojima-san’s MGS with the stealth and stuff. And you have Crysis In the jungle having the ability’s of cloaking, super strength, speed etc.

    I see something common from war of the worlds too. Like those, Alien robot creature things.
    Also terminator.

  3. 2001….NO NO NO

    LOLOL that movie can never be the same after I saw it with my English teacher in HS. He made the film SUCK

  4. [quote comment=”3976″]2001….NO NO NO

    LOLOL that movie can never be the same after I saw it with my English teacher in HS. He made the film SUCK[/quote]

    It’s been incontrovertibly proven that high school teachers can make any movie suck.

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