GTA IV Machinima: Dirty Brake

Zachariah Scott of LitFuseFilms is at it again with some more GTA IV machinima tests, the newest of which is called Dirty Brake. This one involves some good old fashioned driving and destruction, something we can all relate to in terms of the GTA series. A particularly epic shot has to do with a light pole. You’ll know it when you see it. Also, make sure to check it out in HD.


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5 thoughts on “GTA IV Machinima: Dirty Brake”

  1. Nice! I especially like the innocuous music they play during that rampage.

    That light post scene was epic. I winced a bit when I saw it.

  2. Honestly the way the camera system seems to work in that games capture mode…its amazing. It makes those vids so much fun to watch

  3. Wow, what happened!? Zachariah suddenly starts doing lot of machinima in a short time span. w00t.

    Great, as usual. Great camera work, and action. But that Ferrari is a mess.:P

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