Bioware: PC Gaming is Just Fine, Thanks

biowareThere are lots of discussions going on these days in the gaming blogosphere about whether or not PC gaming is dying or not. While the place to game 10 years ago was on the PC, console developers have really stepped up and given our computers a run for their money.

However, Bioware begs to differ, and asserts that PC gaming is doing alright. Since they are kind of veterans in the PC gaming realm, along with other greats like Valve and Blizzard, I suppose maybe we should listen to them, eh?

This is what Bioware’s CEO Ray Muzyka had to say on the matter:

I think there are more people playing PC games and more dollars being spent on the PC space than ever before, but it’s taking a different form… It’s not a bad thing if people want to play more types of games than they did 20 years ago, it’s natural and normal as the audience and technology evolves… As creators we have to adapt to that and continue to make sure that we’re satisfying the audience, but it doesn’t mean we have to compromise.

We can still make deep rich experiences but we have to make them easy to access, you have to make the control system really easy to use, and you have to make people feel like they’re playing an experience that they can play how they want to play it, whether that is long sessions or short sessions.

Good stuff right there. Personally, I’ve never really bought into the “PC Gaming is Dying” argument myself, though it certainly isn’t as healthy as it once was. As long as you have people that are tech enthusiasts that want to see the best picture possible, or experience more precise control in a shooter or an RTS or MMO, then you won’t see PC gaming go away any time soon. I think with the right model, PC gaming can be much more appealing than console gaming (see Valve for an example of this).

So what do you guys think? Is PC gaming just fine and dandy?

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9 thoughts on “Bioware: PC Gaming is Just Fine, Thanks”

  1. What?! People think that PC Gaming is dying? Jeez I had no idea…

    Anyways, I’ve always had a thing for BioWare. They’re awesome :]

  2. When is anyone going to sell me a Computer with Cell B.E. and RSX gpu for whatever the PS3 costs ? Anyone ?

    See where I am going ?
    With time, hackers will start to crack games for consoles, devs are going to write more games/apps for consoles, and everybody will be happy.

    There is totally no way I could buy/build a high end computer for about 1000$, and play all the newest games for 5 years with the highest video options…

  3. For me it feels that consoles are growing into PCs. With media libraries, internet browsers, heck even keyboards on the controllers. They’re just like PCs on the TV which are all the same.

    And sure, consoles are cheap, but you need a TV to play em on 😉 , and if you want a TV at the same level as your nextgen console then you’ll have to pay almost as much as a decent computer costs.

  4. No, flying turkey, you DON’T!

    If you want a decent monitor, you will have to have it with hdmi, and everything which has a hdmi-in is compatible with ps3. So it is cheaper to buy a ps3 with a hd monitor, rather than a PC with a hd monitor.

  5. [quote comment=”3916″]And sure, consoles are cheap, but you need a TV to play em on 😉 , and if you want a TV at the same level as your nextgen console then you’ll have to pay almost as much as a decent computer costs.[/quote]

    Not true entirely. While people think they do, you can buy a monitor and a cord for any new system that will allow it to be played on a computer monitor. You can get a $200 monitor that’s much like a small LCDTV and be just fine. Monitors are significantly cheaper. THough if you have an arcade you will pay near the same XD

    I dont think PC games will ever die. People modded consoles like the 360 so they could play on it with burned games, reminding me much of people on computers. Perhaps there are more pirated games out there now so that may throw off statistics.

    PC games wont die. Look at Steam. A platform I and others thought SUCKED is now getting HUGE! More games on it! I can only see it maybe getting bigger. We shall see, only time will tell. My guess is soon companies will merge multiplayer with PC and Console games 😀

  6. PC for the win. Thing is, Microsoft really needs to release a kickass successor to the PC, because in fact the PC isn’t the pinnacle of technology.

    Maybe Mojave. lol

  7. PC gaming in da hood.

    Biggup to ma PC homeboys in Bioware n Valve dey is keepin us pumpin!

    Respect to all ma PC game homeboys.

    (I promise never to do that again.)

    But yeah, PC gaming really isn’t dying. I’m pretty sure the only way games would stop getting made would be if someone issued a worldwide ban on PC gaming…and even then there will be underground cults of Mole-People playing games that we played 10 years ago on Pc’s that r….I forgot my point here.

    On the topic of piracy, anyone who says that downloading a pirated game for a console is harder then for the PC is talking bull. Getting a console to run pirated games is cheaper then buying 1/4 of a gaming PC and the only major difference after that is having to burn the disks and crying if you get a RROD because you haven’t got a warrenty!
    (Note: I do not in any way shape or form endorse piracy, my name is not related to valve or any of it’s employees who also do not endorse it. Remember, Downloading Often Is Terrible i.e D.O. I.T. (<3 Futurama XD))

  8. uh dudes…pc gaming will and i mean NEVER die! As long as Valve is still alive than the PC is “good to go.” You can always upgrade a PC and it’s relatively cheap and easy if you know what your doing. No matter how much consoles try they will never top the PC.

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