Call of Duty 4 Machinima: The Spectator

Here’s a new machinima short from some of my favorite machinimators on the planet, The Duo Group. It’s actually created with Call of Duty 4, so that’s rather unique as far as machinima goes. While it’s a little unbelievable that this man would survive, I still love the way it all looks. Great voice acting, too.


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6 thoughts on “Call of Duty 4 Machinima: The Spectator”

  1. wow. these gyse have to be my favorite machinimators to. i just wish they would finally make a series. they would be so good at it. they are so good at it

  2. The Voice acting was really good.

    I loved how you couldn’t tell there were guys laying down. That was sweet

  3. That was pretty sweet. The first COD4 machinima I’ve seen. The Duo Group has a lot of potential for all the things they make.

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