Leaked Star Wars Battlefront 3 Footage

Some footage from an internal meetnig at Free Radical has made its way to the intertubes today, given the company’s recent shut-down. In it? Gameplay videos from Star Wars Battlefront 3. Even from the grainy footage, you can tell that this game was going to be a blast.

It’s sad, really. Let’s hope this thing finds a way to get released. It looks fun!

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10 thoughts on “Leaked Star Wars Battlefront 3 Footage”

  1. *Salutes the brave men and women of the company formerly known as Free Radical

    Man, that video is awesome. I really liked the Battlefront series. Flying around Coruscant would have been awesome!

    I really hope someone picks this up.

  2. Whyyyyyy!? These games were tons of fun. In High School we would play this at my friends house for HOURS. We would be up till like 3am.

    Sad man….sad. And this one looks so good

  3. Still not concerned about BF3, but rather about TimeSplitters 4. That’s the real victim of FRD’s downfall.

  4. I think battle front will be scooped up by some other company some time its a game that CAN sell. But it kinda renders this trailer useless though,hope the new one will be as good as the last hell I hope the new one will happen at all

  5. it looks almost exactly like the other two battlefronts…


  6. Ok, I’ll probably get pelted with tomatoes for saying this but…

    I never got what people liked so much about battlefront! I’m not anti-starwars either (I adore the KoTOR series as well as collect the old-school star wars action figures) but I just don’t think Battlefront is all that great. It seems like a Star Wars duplicate of so many better games. Battlefield 2, TF2, CS:S… all essentially the same, and far better and more enjoyable.
    Granted the original Battlefront had excellent map design, but the second one… no, it just seemed low compered to every other multi-player shooter out there.

    This is one game I will ignore when it hits the shelves :S

  7. There’s still a chance this will be released as the main members of Free Radicle (including David Doak) set up Pumpkin Head Studios.

  8. Well, the way it looks you’d think that it was already done!
    But for all we know there’s still gonna be a long wait, provided they actually still release it.
    I was really hyped up about this game, but soon enough it’ll be just like Splinter Cell: Convictions:
    It’ll just disappear.

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