Final Fantasy XIII and the Long Hello

ff-13We all know that Square-Enix has taken its sweet time on the last couple of Final Fantasy games, most notably Final Fantasy XIII. While many gamers were under the impression that it was coming to the US and Europe in 2009 (it hits in Japan later this year), that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Yes, ladies and gents, Final Fantasy XIII will not be coming to the western hemisphere this year. In fact, Square-Enix has recently said that FF XIII won’t release before April 2010 on these shores.

While I understand that these things take time, this to me is almost laughable. I mean, why were we seeing trailers for this 2-3 years ago if it’s so far from release?

So, is anyone still interested in this game? I want it to be good, but man, I’ve been seeing the same trailer over and over for years now so much that it’s hard to be excited.

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8 thoughts on “Final Fantasy XIII and the Long Hello”

  1. I’ve never really been interested in Final Fantasy. (don’t kill me!) I played FFI, of course FFVII, and FFX, but the games never really grabbed me. Oddly enough, FFI was my favorite of the three. And, of course, I can’t play them on my PC. It’s the kind of game I might pick up from a bargain bin 5 years from now, but for the time being, I’m highly ambivalent.

  2. Square Enix’s policy of constantly delaying projects is getting old. Sure, it was cute joke on the interwebz, but seriously? FF13 will be released on the next gen consoles by the time it is released! I wouldn’t be surprised – nay, I’d EXPECT it – if SE was working on FF14 while FF13 was three fourths done in development.

  3. I am not a fan either… I finished 7… and everyone I talked to said “8’s the best dude”… So I guess i picked the wrong one to “sample”… well… like i mentioned in the SNES post, I re-purchased one last year.. and I just realized my “Mystic Quest” game is actualy “Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest”.. the “final fanstay” print is so small on the cartridge ( bought it without the box), never even realized it was an FF game.. never woulda spent the money if I woulda read it clearly,

    and yet Im glad I did. For a SNES game, it was great.. I wouldnt pay 50 or 60 bucks for any newer # though.

  4. What?! Arrgh, I was just getting some blood pumping for this one. Ah well, FFXII experienced similar delays, and it ranks up there with VI and VII, imho, due in no small part to the nuance that must have gone into dialogue and wordplay that couldn’t have translated directly from Japanese. That and actually getting some decent voice actors. FFX was an utter embarrassment in both regards, as clearly illustrated by its presence in the recently-posted voice acting hall of shame video.

    All that to say, still psyched, just trying to avoid any hype until February 2010 or so.

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