Wind Waker Dude Has Talent, Free Time

Ok, so the other day we showed you the one man Zelda theme band. This is possibly even better. One dude with a stupid amount of talent plays a variety of instruments to create the Wind Waker theme by himself. And when I say a variety, I mean a variety. Watch out for the chorus. It rules.

Thanks for the link, Smarty.

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8 thoughts on “Wind Waker Dude Has Talent, Free Time”

  1. NICE! I’d kind of like to do something like that, but not by myself. I can play trumpet and baritone pretty well, and I know some people who can play plenty of other instruments (I’m in my high school’s band. :D)

  2. Holy crap, I’d heard about this guy but was too lazy to track down the video. Wasn’t a huge fan of Wind Waker, but the music wasn’t bad. This guy makes it soooo much better.

  3. I spotted this over on Halolz. Love the nine-man one man chorus.

    Man, this got me feeling nostalgic for Wind Waker. Gotta dig up my GameCube sometime…

  4. haha man if I had the time Id love to do something like this. Its cute to see his head bobbing along to the metronome on his PC in the Guitar bits =).

  5. Major talent there. So is this the new thing? Are we going to see a lot of people doing this? Programs make this stuff very easy now (by easy I mean syncing everything, THATS not easy.

    It sounds so cool too. Really impressive

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