Valve Makes Steam More Awesome

steamI’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Valve is genius. They really know what they’re doing, especially when it comes to Steam. That’s why even EA comes to them for web distribution of their games. It kind of rules.

In a move that makes Steam rule your face even harder, Valve has delivered in-game web browsing to Steam in a new update. So now, you can get your game on, your snack on, your noodz on, and whatever else you want to get on while you play their awesome games.

Heck, you can even read GamerSushi while you play. Right? Right? Who else thinks this is awesome? Spread the Valve love.

Source- Kotaku

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7 thoughts on “Valve Makes Steam More Awesome”

  1. Sweet! All it needs is an emergency full-screen hotkey, so I can pretend I’m browser-testing our website in case my boss walks by 😉

  2. One day the only way to get a game will be through steam. There will be no boxed copies. No pirated copies. No EA download manager. This will be the best day in gaming history

  3. Steam just got sony online entertainment on with them,So you can get everquest and everquest 2 along with pirates of the burning sea and vangaurd

    also in a slightly related story game tap is actually removing alot of there free games and making them subscriber only probobly to try to drum up some cash cause it seems they have been low on that.

    and the steam train rolls on

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