Today’s WTF: Dog Killed by Wii-Mote, Rez’d

wii-moteYikes. Be careful with those Wii-motes, kiddies. Not only do they cause all kinds of personal injury as well as property damage, but they are a damage to our cute and cuddly pets. Especially if you are bowling like a maniac and smack your new puppy in the noggin.

A family in Marquette, Michigan learned this the hard way because it is exactly what happened to Ozzie, their brand new miniature Sheltie. Apparently, the dog’s owner was playing Wii Sports when she swung her Wii-mote at the precise moment the dog jumped up towards her. She hit it in the head and killed it.

Fortunately for them, their neighbors came over and did doggy CPR (wtf) to bring the little guy back. They took him to the vet where he was treated for brain swelling, etc and now the dude is ok.

So, lesson learned. Be careful with your Wii-motes, people. For the love of all things furry.

Source- 9 News

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9 thoughts on “Today’s WTF: Dog Killed by Wii-Mote, Rez’d”

  1. All part of Nintendo’s master plan. Once this becomes common, they’ll start selling Pet Protection Plus® attachments for the wiimote.

  2. High priced HDTV’s, personal injury, the gaming market, and now dogs? What are you going to kill next Nintendo? Damn you!

  3. I guess the dog had collected 100 coins and had an extra life still.

    Or maybe he had a fairie in a bottle.

    Or ate a green mushroom with a smiley face on it.

    Or found an energy tank in the cupboard.

    Seriously, I have pages of these.

  4. [quote comment=”3773″]Luckily for little Ozzie, his owner had a phoenix down.[/quote]

    I almost put that one, too! I was trying to stick with the nintendo theme.

    Thankfully, Ozzie’s armor regenerated once the Elite wielding the plasma sword stopped beating him.

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