Killzone 2 Preview Video

Well, with all the hype surrounding the game (at least in the gaming world if not on the tube), I figured I’d finally post a video of Killzone 2. Gametrailers recently did a nice preview of what the game has to offer, and it’s fairly comprehensive.

I have to say, while the Sony E3 video will live in infamy because of its pre-rendered footage, none of the footage in the actual game is CG. And man, the graphics are nice. Admittedly, the gameplay looks somewhat generic and the design is meh, but still, it can be a looker.

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3 thoughts on “Killzone 2 Preview Video”

  1. ya… whatever… I believe the game is going to be great. You guys say that graphics isn’t everything, but it sure of hell makes a game more enjoyable. Its all just nicer to look at, the way the bodies react to every bullet make it more fun to kill. There’s a video showing a guy running around and easily killing everyone with a knife, so AI should be improved. Multiplayer will be a blast though! Tanks, robot-like things, turrets you can control. Cover system… don’t know many FPS with that… Story might suck ass, but that wouldn’t bother me much.

    Here’s a preview from 360 magazine

    I’m looking forward to it… should be one of the best PS3 games. I’ll go buy it sometime after my 17th birthday March 30…

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