GTA IV Machinima: Driving the Airtug

Zachariah Scott from LitFuseFilms posted this on their blog the other day, and I think it’s a cool little preview of what we might start seeing from the machinima community out of GTA IV. The music is fun, and I just love the style of it.

Right now, it’s just a test from them to see what kind of stuff the game is capable of. Hopefully we’ll be seeing more out of those dudes out of this game in the near future. Actually, I know we will.


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6 thoughts on “GTA IV Machinima: Driving the Airtug”

  1. OMFG BEST VEHICLE IN GTA IV. My cousin and I would go to the airport just to get this to go do drive-bys in!!!


    Now about the vid, the part where you see through the woman’s windshield was awesome.

  2. Great job. This really makes me feel like I’m watching a real machinima. Simple, but great.
    Litfuse is jus a great group. Wish I can meet them and spectate how they make their films.

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