Hottest Wii Games of 2009

nintendo_wii_1With what seems to be just a so-so year for the XBox 360 and a stellar year for the PS3 coming up, one wonders what Nintendo is up to for the future. So far, there are many that feel that Nintendo has left the hardcore gamers behind, but the overwhelmingly huge sales that they’ve been raking in deserve lots of praise.

Well it was only a matter of time before someone put together a list of the most anticipated Wii games of 2009, and Gamasutra delivered. I actually have to say that I’m pleasantly surprised by the list, as there are a couple of more interesting and normal games (rather than Wii Ware) that will be hitting. Apparently, the new Tenchu is actually showing lots of promise, Sin and Punishment 2 looks great and some of the other exclusives look rather unique.

Another interesting thing about the list? Most of the games on it are coming before the summer. So what’s Nintendo got up its sleeve? Thoughts?

Source- Gamasutra

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10 thoughts on “Hottest Wii Games of 2009”

  1. [quote comment=”3693″]S’looking good.

    But why won’t they Sonic just die? It’s just getting stupid now.[/quote]

    Yeah, especially one that gives Sonic a freaking sword. I mean, give me a break.

    Ugh. Whatever. It’s as bad as the Werewolf gimmick in Sonic Unleashed, and that game BLEW.

    Anyway, still seems pretty mediocre. Frankly, some can argue that graphics aren’t really essential to a game, but when I’m playing PS2-level graphics on a Current Gen console, it’s something I have to bitch about.

    BTW, aught-nine might be a good excuse for buying a PS3. Maybe.

  3. I know I’ll be getting wii sports report – I mean, who doesn’t like playing virtual frisbee and waterskiing, right? …Right?
    Honestly, though, the only thing that could re-interest me in the Wii would be a No More Heroes 2.

  4. Is anyone else interested in Deadly Creatures? Sounds like it could be really cool.

    Well, we’ll see what the future holds.

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