Prototype Trailer Is Kind of Freaking Sweet

Consider me a little pumped about Prototype, Activision Blizzard’s new open world action game that’s coming in 2009. Basically, you are in a city full of infected people, you have super powers, and the military is hunting you. I mean, if chunking a civilian into a helicopter is wrong, well then… you know the rest. The new Prototype trailer just came out last night, and it ruled me just a little.

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5 thoughts on “Prototype Trailer Is Kind of Freaking Sweet”

  1. Blizzard Activision? Really? I honestly would have never guessed that they could make such a win-looking console game.

    It looks like a successful version of all similar games like this one that have been made in the past two years but were never that… “great”. Highly original too.

  2. That was awsome on so many levels

    I hope they can make a good platforming engine on this one and its not like press x to wall run this building

    o btw you said chunking a citizen into a helicopter and i think you ment chuCking because in my town chunking is when you vomit and there is alot of chunks….

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