Mass Effect 2 Struts Its Stuff at GDC 09

masseffectEvery generation has its underrated games. The ones that get overlooked, missed and perhaps swallowed in the wake of the hype of other gaming behemoths. I feel like one of those games for this generation has to be Mass Effect, which presented a level of story and cinematic presentation that I feel was unprecedented and largely unnoticed when it dropped.

Well, the sequel should hopefully be an even better endeavor, and it sounds like we’re getting our first look in just a couple of months at GDC in March. Apparently, some Bioware dudes are going to be there showing off some of the level creation techniques they’re using for the second game, having addressed some issues that they had the first time around.

There’s a lot of other technical mumbo jumbo in there that I couldn’t discern, but who cares? I’m pumped about finally getting some Mass Effect 2 news! Who’s with me?

Source- VG247

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13 thoughts on “Mass Effect 2 Struts Its Stuff at GDC 09”

  1. Awwww jeah, son! Finally, we get some news about Mass Effect 2! Man, BioWare has a really full plate this year. Mass 2, The Old Republic and Dragon Age are all being developed by BioWare, albeit under two different studios.

    I didn’t mind the elevators, personally, but I’d like to have a bit more chatter between my teammates and a little less from the news voice-over. That guy got on my nerves.

    Also, moar Wrex!

  2. Hell YES! This combines with TOR will make Bioware my 3rd favorite gaming company.
    And in regard to the elevators, don’t even joke about that. I think Kaiden died of hunger or something in one of those.

  3. Yeah, the elevators weren’t really as big of an issue as everyone made them out to be. Once again, gamers freak about something that is meant to hide something else. Elika saving you in Prince of Persia replaces a loading screen just like elevators in Mass Effect. Both had the same purpose, so I guess gamers just like looking at loading screens?

    But yeah, I didn’t think about Bioware’s full plate, Mitch. Dragon Age is also coming this year… A strong year for RPG’s, I’m sensing…

  4. I am 150% with you, Eddy. Mass Effect was such a great game. It on my “Games I can’t descibe my love for in words” list. I can’t wait to get a first look. And I kinda liked the elevator in the Citadel…you’d hear news reports on stuff you’ve done in the game and I thought that was really cool. Though, the chatter between teammates as Mitch said was much better. I’m looking forward to Dragon Age too, I just love Bioware.

  5. The first game was great. Hopefully this one is good to. Maybe Fox News will have another go at it?

  6. MAKE THE COMBAT BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111eleven

    Seriously, if Mass Effect had a system like VATS in Fallout 3, the combat would be so much better. Then you wouldn’t have to worry about bad controls and could focus on using Push and such. I don’t care if it’s copying FO3! It’s a good idea, and it’d let me focus on the story which is what I want to focus on!!! NOT THE PATHETICALLY IMPOSSIBLE MAKO MISSIONS!!!

  7. [quote comment=”3671″]If only Bioware, Valve and Bethesda made video games, I’d probably be ok with it.[/quote]

    but then you wouldn’t have any games from other good companies, and the gems where the other companies try something new, such as EA’s mirrors edge.

  8. I thought combat in Mass Effect was excellent, and many of the firefights were intense and incredibly realistic (as in you stay hunkered down at one end of the room while the bad guy is at the other, and try to shoot his head off when he shows it). However, I thought the dialogue options were too few in Mass Effect – give them as much scale as the dialogues in KoTOR2 and you would have a game that pretty much overwhelms my fun-o-meter until the needle snaps off and lodges itself in my eye.

    I am so excited for this game! I hope it comes out for PC at the same time as it does for the 360!

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