Dude Creates Team Fortress 2 Dispenser

tf2dispenserI am maybe the least handy person in a world. I can’t build anything for crap. You should have seen my lame shop class creations. So that’s why I’m always absurdly impressed by the things that gamers come up with given the time, determination and the resources.

Take this guy, for instance, who built himself a real-life Team Fortress 2 dispenser. No he’s not a TF2 engineer, and no, it doesn’t give out ammo and health, but it does hold beer as well as all of his network equipment, such as his router and DSL Modem. It’s also got his phone and answering machine. Go figure.

So who wants one? Sign me up. If you’re interested in how he built the thing, check it out here, and if you’d like to see more pictures, check those out here.

Source- Steam Forums

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6 thoughts on “Dude Creates Team Fortress 2 Dispenser”

  1. I’ll take one of those! My brother got me a little USB fridge that fits one can, its my little version I guess… (mmm beer)

  2. Hmm, I do have a bunch of unused MDF lying around…too bad I have no artistic ability to do justice to the exterior. Also, beer storage with no refrigeration? Fail.

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