Gaming Flops for 2008

too-humanThere’s nothing worse than being super excited about a video game only to have it suck. We all know that all-too-familiar pang of disappointment as we pop a game in the disc drive and then play it, only to wonder aloud “WTF” as the game really gets moving. Or not moving, if that’s the case. So what were the disappointments of last year?

Second Story Gamer has put together a list of what they deem to be the 10 Biggest Flops of 2008. Basically, they take some of the more hyped games, and post their MetaCritic rating as well as their sales numbers, to determine which of them underperformed.

Some of the titles aren’t altogether too surprising (Mercenaries 2, Haze, Wii Music), though putting LittleBigPlanet for honorable mention seemed a bit off. Also, where’s The Force Unleashed? Did you guys play any of the games on the list?

Source- Second Story Gamer

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13 thoughts on “Gaming Flops for 2008”

  1. 1.52 Million own LittleBigPlanet?
    Isn’t that like every PS3 owner in the world? *burn*

    I didn’t actually buy any of these games, I played a bit of Wii Moosic at a friends and it seemed fun but that was all.

  2. What is LBP doing as even an honorable mention!? Shouldn’t it be UNhonorable mention?
    Other than that, the list is pretty much correct. And by correct, I mean I concur.

  3. All of the games on the list seem about right. And, come to think about it, they all seemed to be games that annoyed the HELL out of me when they were being hyped. Righteous judgement, anyone? Though I will admit I never heard about the Socom one. Resistance 2 looked pretty good, though, but I suppose if they made promises that weren’t kept…well, that’s just how it goes.

  4. Guys the reason LBP was an honorable mention was that it was a great game that sold bad. Like I said, the list is not based on amount of hype and whether it delivered.

  5. LBP is a brand new franchise and received almost no mainstream coverage and it has sold a million and a half copies…seems like a success to me.

  6. It’s not a success though when Sony literally hitched its wagon to this game. The game that MS hitched their wagon to was Gears of War 2 and it sold 3 times LBP did in just one month.

  7. [quote comment=”3526″]It’s not a success though when Sony literally hitched its wagon to this game. The game that MS hitched their wagon to was Gears of War 2 and it sold 3 times LBP did in just one month.[/quote]

    Yeah, but MS had theatrical previews for Gears of War 2. I only saw 1 commercial for LBP, ever.

    LBP got a lot of hype from the gaming media, but none from the mainstream press. Sony was hoping for it to do better, but they didn’t market it like something they were really pinning their hopes on.

    I don’t think they hitched their wagon to it simply b/c I never saw anything that would make me think that.

    I agree that it seemed like they wanted to, but they were all talk, no action.

    So for the lack of mainstream marketing it got, I think it did pretty well.

  8. Disagree with some but not others. LBP is a big WTF? HAZE is a no brainer but I thought EndWar was really good. The voice recognition was superb. WW3 rocks! Hope us Irish gang up with the Americans. Shootin’ and drinking = EPIC PARTY!

  9. well , I rather save the world from liquid snake (MGS4), the locusts GOW2), or the enclave (F3), than play with a sackboy. Sorry LBP.

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