Gamepocalypse: Wii Sports is the Best-Selling Game, Ever.

wii-sportsSeriously. Kick me right in the nuts, because I must be dreaming. I’m not really sure how this hasn’t gathered more attention recently, but it’s true- Wii Sports is the best-selling game of all time, now at over 40 million copies sold, putting it past Super Mario Bros., the previous title holder.

Granted, these numbers are a bit skewed, as both of these games were bundled titles with their systems (a PS2 bundled game would have sold 100 million plus copies), but it’s still significant, as no game has ever sold more than the original SMB until now. And it’s Wii. Freaking. Sports.

Curious about the other top 10 best-selling games of all time?

According to VGChartz, here they are (numbers are by millions):

  1. Wii Sports, Wii – 40.52
  2. Super Mario Bros, NES – 40.24
  3. Pokemon Red / Green / Blue, GameBoy – 31.38
  4. Tetris, GameBoy – 30.26
  5. Duck Hunt, NES – 28.31
  6. Pokemon Gold / Silver, GameBoy – 23.11
  7. Nintendogs, DS – 21.37
  8. Super Mario World, SNES – 20.61
  9. Wii Play, Wii – 19.68
  10. Super Mario Land, GameBoy – 18.14

Um. Those are all Nintendo. Got to give them credit where credit is due. Day-umn.

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16 thoughts on “Gamepocalypse: Wii Sports is the Best-Selling Game, Ever.”

  1. Even though I am a huge Ninty fanboy… the only reason Sports sold so many was because it’s free and the only reason play sold so many is because It’s like £4 with a Wiimote.

    But all the rest I will pin on my wall and mail to all my 360 friends.

  2. I’m not that surprised. It was new then, every family wanted their hands on it. And there’s people out there, still craving to get a wii with wii sports.

    If wii sports resort becomes the best seller, kick me in the golden spheres.

  3. So nintendo = teh pwnage. Don’t see a single sega, atari, sony or microsoft game up there. minus the Wii-play and Wii-sports and they still have the top 8. ridiculous.

  4. I don’t know why everyone is acting surprised tbh…I always thought games like SM64 were considered all time greats along with original pokemon etc.

    I still wouldn’t count bundled games though. Even then Nintendo pwn the lists.

    First the top 10 list…THEN THE WORLD!

  5. lol They’re all Nintendo titles. Then again, that’s because Nintendo used to be the good guy when gaming was new, fresh, and moms didn’t have to deal with the M rating.
    Anyway, what’s so shocking and awing about Wii Sports taking the lead? It was bundled with the best-selling console in aught-eight, so I’m like “Thought so.” Looks like I get $5 tomorrow at lunch.

  6. lol at duck hunt. I mean, it was popular, but 28 million copies?! Wii play has been in the top for quite a while, cause of the controller.

  7. These figures are not an accurate representation of popularity. why is there no list of most played games?

  8. [quote comment=”3532″]Most of these were bundles.[/quote]
    There’s supposed to be 2 lists though: one for bundles and the other for non-bundles.

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